Part III

The reason behind my apprehension on the Angioplasty goes back to the first one I had 10 years ago. Actually it was an Angiogram but in the end it could have killed me. My cardiologist scheduled me for the angiogram at Trillium on a Tuesday and performed the treatment in the morning after which because he had entered my right Femoral Artery close to my groin and also they use weights to close the puncture I had to lay down for about 4 hours. When I was discharged I was told to go home and spend as much time over the next 2 days laying still and keeping pressure off my leg. That’s all fine and good but one does have to answer the call of nature and therein lies my downfall. As I was slowly making my way from the bedroom to the bathroom I slipped and I actually felt the artery pop. Being an old Army Medic I knew exactly what had happened and I was in trouble. As I made my way back to the bed, all thought of peeing gone, I told my youngest who was stay with me to grab every pillow she could find and bring them to the bedroom. When she had done this I told her to put them under my right leg to get it elevated and call 911 for an ambulance telling them that my right Femoral Artery had ruptured. As I lay there I was somewhat relieved because the ambulance was on its’ way and I would soon be in OTM where they would take care of everything. I was in for a bit of a shock when the paramedics arrived. OTM was on bypass and I was going to another close by hospital just west of where I lived. The nightmare now begins.

I was whisked into the ER and a short time later P showed up along with S as my two girls are always there when the old man is in trouble. They are like my Guardian Angels. Anyway after a cursory exam I was wheeled into what I can only describe as some sort of meeting room. At the time we didn’t realize that I would spend close to 12 hours laying there unattended. More than a dozen times P went looking for someone to come and see me only to return frustrated. Meanwhile I am slowly leaking Arterial Blood into my right thigh which is swelling and turning black and still no Doctor or nurse. I am also in pain now as my leg starts to cramp severely. P finally, I guess, reach the breaking point and I don’t know what she did or said, short of declaring war, but a Doctor showed up. Lot of good that did . He looked at my thigh asked a few questions and was gone never to be seen again. Somehow during all this my Cardiologist at OTM heard where I was and from all accounts definitely was not happy about it and had me transferred back to OTM. Rescued. I was happier than the proverbial pig as we zipped down the Q.E.W.  heading east and home. Once I got settled in at OTM a surgeon came to let me know that they would have to open up my thigh to repair the artery and that the surgery would take place in about 2 hours and after which I could probably go home in 4 more days. I was all for that. I had spent way too much time in Hospitals lately and I wanted out. The surgery was a success and 5 days, not 4, later I was at home. So with this brief description of my minor ordeal I think one could understand my trepidation about undergoing another Angio-anything. Luckily for me the Cardiologist I was assigned to at the Hospital this time was very understanding and an alternative approach  was reached.  Now it was back to Trillium and my encounter with the nurse I swore use to be a sergeant in the Red Army.



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