Part IV

 It is 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning and again I am in an ambulance racing down the Q.E.W. heading to Mississauga and my nemesis Trillium. I really don’t like that place, it looks more like an office building than a Hospital and it is big. To me big Hospitals mean getting lost in the shuffle and the staff seem colder. Whisked into the building and down a series of corridors I end up at an area call Cardiac Short Stay. Kind of like that title, meant I’m in and out of here. Who the hell was I kidding. I spent from 10:30 until 6:30 waiting.  It was in this area I met, what I swear was a retired Red Army Sergeant. Big woman with an Eastern European accent and a voice that got your prompt undivided attention. Never smiled the whole time I was there. Now it’s the usual, blood pressure, temperature, pulse and answering a long list of question asking whether I had surgery before, or rare diseases, and if I was allergic. The only thing I’m allergic to is being sick. After all this off she goes and I am left to my own devices. Like I can really do a lot laying on a gurney with two IVs in my right arm so I resort to the only option left to me, sleep. I did a lot of sleeping in the Hospital. Every two hours or so I’d wake up notice the time and then start counting the holes in the ceiling tiles until I dosed off again. Finally around 4:30 in the afternoon the sergeant wakes me up and says they are going to prep me for the procedure. Great finally some action. Yeah finally some action, that is until I sort of lost it. They started to shave my groin and I freaked. I asked “What you doing? and they said we are getting you ready. I told them to stop the procedure was not going to happen and told then also that I had been promised by my Cardiologist in Oakville that they would use the Brachial (Wrist) entry. The sergeant/nurse said your Cardiologist isn’t doing the procedure one of ours is. To which I answered “Bloody Hell” he is I want to see him now. About 20 minutes later this young doctor shows up and introduces himself as the one who is going to do the Angioplasty. I told what I had discussed with my doctor in Oakville and what had happened the last time, after a minute or so he agreed and told the nurse to shave my wrist. Two hours later I was in the O.R and undergoing the Angioplasty. It took about 40 minutes and I didn’t feel a thing even though I was awake the whole time. Next thing I know I’m back in the ward being told that I will be spending the night and return to OTM in the morning. Sure enough at 7:30 the next morning I am awakened bundled up loaded on an ambulance and heading west. At. 8:00 I arrived bay at OTM  I.C.U. and by 8;30 was in my bed eating breakfast , which by the way was terrible as I was on a Cardiac diet and if  a heart attack doesn’t kill you I swear this breakfast is designed to finish the job. I thought Army chow was bad but compared to what is served in the Hospital it is 5 star cuisine . The only reason you eat it is because you’re hungry and like Dad use to say “if you don’t eat, you don’t poop ,and if you don’t poop  you die”.

Well I’m back at OTM ICU and settling in when after about 2 hours in comes the nurses, sit me in a wheelchair and inform me I’m being transferred to the regular Cardiac Ward up on the 4th floor. Upon arrival on the 4th floor I am taken to the Nurses Station to be checked in and assigned a room. There are 2 Nurses at the desk so I chirp up “Good Morning Ladies, Looks like you have another “Old Fart’ to look after. One of them wrinkles her nose and answers :Thought I smelt something”. Shut me up fast it did. I am assigned to room 4223 by the window which is great. I’m not in the room 10 minutes when in comes a Nurse to take my B/P., Temp., and Pulse followed closely at heal by a Vampire from the blood lab. I have to tell you those bats they keep in the basement are insatiable. To me the important thing is I am back in a Hospital that I know and trust.


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