Now don’t everybody jump up and cheer as this will be the conclusion on my avoiding Joe Black.

We left off with me back at OTM in the Cardiac Ward on the 4th Floor. One of the advantages of being in the regular Cardiac Ward is you can order your own meals. They give you a Menu and you make your selections and phone them into the Kitchen.  The meals are real food and I’m thinking this has got to be better that what passed as such in the ICU. So I make my selection and phone the Kitchen and order my supper and I must admit with some anticipation. T 6:00 p.m. my supper arrived and is placed on my bedside tray. I opened it and it did look good . It was a spare rib patty without the bones, home fries, and carrots, and it was stone freaking cold. One bite of the patty and I thought I had bit into a piece of rubber, which I promptly spat out. So supper ended up as a helping of cold home fries and carrots. Again the only reason they were eaten was I was hungry. Breakfast was the same cold and inedible but luckily I had ordered a muffin with it and I had something to eat. I didn’t order lunch and I never got the chance to order supper as I was discharged that afternoon and home by 4:00p.m. with my head stuck in the fridge. My only complaint about OTM is the food as the staff are the greatest and really seem to care about people .Every time I have been there I have always been treated fine just wish the hell they get somebody who knew how to cook.

When I entered the E.R. on New Years’ Eve they knew I was a smoker and they stuck a patch on me and changed  it every morning whilst I was there. As a result I have quit smoking.  After 56 years of sucking on cancer sticks I have now gone 11 days without one. That might not sound like much but for me it is. I was a very heavy smoker at two and a half packs a day. That is a lot of poison going into my system. So far it has been going pretty good with the exception of yesterday. For some reason I spent most of the day really craving a smoke. I made it through though and to-day I am back to normal. or as close to normal as one who has just quit can be. I am determined that I am going to win this and that whatever time I have left will be smoke free.

Twice now I have missed Joe Black but I am realistic enough to know that the next time I will not be so lucky. We are going to meet one day, but I fully intend to delay that inevitability for as long as possible.



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