My Opinion


I haven’t been that interested lately in Yankee Politics but I noticed on the news and read that the hearings have started on gun control measures. In other words, another Carnival has come to Washington along with its’ hucksters and conmen. The pro control have already marched out Gabriel Gifford and of course that great American Humanist and Philosopher, Wayne LaPierre of the N.R.A. appeared for the Cons. One side playing the sympathy card and the other the ignoramus card. Personally I will be more than surprised if anything constructive comes out of this side-show.

Until the American people and their Government can break the hold that the N.R.A. has on them they are doomed to failure when it comes to this issue.  I don’t know the exact quote but I think Ghandi asked “If it was right for a few hundred thousand to control the fate of  three hundred million”, or words to that extent. He was of course talking of the British Raj having control of India. The same can be said of the NRA when it comes to Gun Control. Is it right that four million can control three hundred and fifteen million on this subject. Actually from what I have read the majority of members of the NRA do not support LaPierre in his ultra right-wing hard line stance. Let’s face it, him along with the executive of the NRA are nothing more than Lobbyists for the Gun and Ammunition manufacturers and are being well paid for it. According to what I have read in the month or so that has passed since Newtown, 1,280 Americans have died from gun violence, that’s 42 a day. Surely this must register with the members of the US Government or is it possible they just don’t give a damn being too concerned with getting donations from lobbyists for re-election.

As I said the Carnival is back in town and umpteen millions will be spent on the Senate and Congressional hearing over gun control and when all is said and done nothing will change and the Yankees will just go on shooting each other at a rate of 42 a day. Just think in 20,547.94 years “No More Yankees”. Some of us can hardly wait. O.K. that’s bigoted as there are far more good people than assholes in the US. The problem seems though that as the saying goes “Evil prevails when good men do nothing” or something like that so when are the good citizens of that nation going to wake up before it is too late. It is unrealistic to think that all guns will be banned and taken away from people but at least if you Yanks still want to be around in 20,000 years get some damn control over them and stop killing your kids.

The choice of course is the Yankees and whatever they decide will only, thankfully, marginally impact on me and my fellow countrymen. At least for the time being as it seems we are starting to get some gun loving yahoos in our government of late. Especially the “Closet Reformers” from the Western Provinces, namely “Texas North” (Alberta). 


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