Pee Oed


Again I have had trouble trying to come up with a topic worth writing about and I have pretty much drawn a blank. Well maybe not so much as drawn a blank, more like even though there is much going on in the world I just don’t give a damn right now. Pretty sorry state of affairs isn’t it.

I really don’t care that there is inter-sectarian warfare occurring between Muslims or that there is Civil War in Syria, other than that there are innocent women and children being killed and maimed. Just let them keep it amoungst themselves and leave the non-Muslim world out of it.  Hell, who knows maybe we’ll get lucky and all the Fanatical Fundamentalist Jihadist will wipe each other out. (Yeah! and there really is a Santa Klaus). Our cousins to the south are another bunch I am getting totally fed up with. Their addictive obsession with guns sickens me. As far as I am concerned a copy of the 2nd Amendment should be hung in every outhouse and toilet in the country to be used after a good dump. In fact their whole damn Constitution could stand an in depth editing and  re-write as it is archaic. Hey, Guys, the Redcoats ain’t coming back. Another thing I find mind boggling about the Yanks is that so many of them live in fear of their own elected Government. Talk about paranoia and of course the media like Fox News, Limbaugh, and Coulter and their like sure as hell don’t help. These clowns merely stoke the fires.

Yeah! I really don’t much give a damn right now. Maybe it’s the Winter Blahs or maybe it is just with each passing year I grow more cynical. I use to have such faith and belief in Humanity but it seems of late with each passing year it is being buried deeper and deeper under an avalanche of disheartenment. Perhaps as I grow closer to my four score and ten I am giving up. Then again every now and then there is a glimmer either in my personal life or in reading or hearing of some act of kindness or selflessness on the part of some good Samaritan. Alas it is only a glimmer but who knows enough glimmers can make a light. Ah hell this time next week I will more than likely be back to my old self my faith in Humanity restored and my cynicism cast back into the pit where it belongs. After all this time of year isn’t the best in fact it is depressing and really sucks. Methinks I have a real bad case of Cabin Fever or maybe it has finally happened “I’ve gone whacko. “


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