My Opinion


I had sort of promised myself that I wouldn’t do much Yankee bashing in the new year but, with neighbours like them I just couldn’t resist the temptation. Sarah is gone. Exiled back to the majestic ruggedness of Alaska and her Salmon fishing. The High Lord King of Fox News did banish her and pronounce her Wolf Head. No big deal as the only thing she had going for her is that she is an attractive woman to bad she has an I.Q two points below that of a diatom. In her place the Lord High King has anointed Erik Erickson (shades of Erik the Red) another “Ultra Konservative” in her stead.  This rather coincides with a new TV show “The Vikings” airing in March. The Vikings, now there was a fine group of men. If ever there was a band of Barbaric Robbers, Looter, and Rappers it was them. On the credit side it must be said they were excellent ship builders and sailors. Just had problems playing nice with others.

I would pose a question here and it is  this. Does the U.S. of A. have a secret Crèche where it raises and programs these people? Or are they the unnatural mutated by-product of reproduction run amok. Perhaps maybe they were just dropped on their heads once too often when babies .Surely there must be some secret place where  the Bachmans, Becks, Coulters, Limbaughs, Palin’s, and Roves hatch. I know, they are aliens sent from a Galaxy Far, Far Away, to undermine Earths’ defenses and weaken our resistance prior to invasion. What better way than to prey on the fears and anxieties of Humans than to propagate outrageous lies and innuendos against the elected leaders. Americans like to boast about their exceptionalism well when it comes to producing “Ultra Conservatives” they will get no argument from me. I will though remind people that there is a fine line between “Ultra Conservative” and Fascism both are to the extreme right. There have been a few times when all the above mentioned have sounded very close to being Fascists. Could it be that at some time in the not too distant future it will be “THE TROGLODITE NATIONAL WORKERS PARTY” aligned with the Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacist  shouting “USA Awake”.

Perhaps at times I go too far in bashing our southern cousins but a lot of the time they ask for it. Some of the boneheaded remarks and policies  that come out of that country just can’t be ignored. I have said before that there are a great many good people in the US but they have definitely become a “Silent Majority” again. The US Media can take its’ fair share of the blame for this as they would rather report on the Idiots and Lunatics than on the Sane and Rational Minded. More money for them when the whackos get in the news. I read that Fox News has the lowest ratings in ten years. Well the ratings aren’t low enough. They should fall through the floor and let that mongrel disappear. What I find mind boggling is how anyone can read, listen to, or watch and believe such garbage. Let’s face it they are catering to the lowest of the lowest common denominator. Well no matter how many times I or others bash the Yankees they are still there and will be for a long time to come. I must admit though at times it can be fun and I do every now and then take glee in zapping them but, like the saying goes “It’s water off a ducks back”.



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