My Opinion


Last night was the American “State of the Union Address” in which Presidents Obama in the sixteenth such address since Kennedy told the American people how great a Nation they have and what a great people they are. At least he showed a smidgeon of humility by also stating that they as a people and a Nation did have a few irksome problems. This is the Nation where basically if you are pissed off at your neighbour you can easily rectify it by going to your local Gun Show, purchase a Bazooka, along with the ammo, and blow his ass away. After doing this take on the Police Force and die in a hail of bullets thus attaining your “15 Minutes of Fame”. This is also the Nation, (that the Gods forbid), if you get seriously ill you end up bankrupt and losing everything to pay the Medical bills. Yep! Great Nation. This is the Nation where last night the President suggested raising the minimum wage to a munificent sum of $9.00 an hour. Wow! just think if you manage to get a job and if you get 40 hours a week you will make the grand sum of $360.00 a week and if you’re really lucky after taxes and deductions take home about $290.00 to live on. This, in the so called riches country on the Planet.  Pass the Barf Bag Please.

This is a Nation of the Elite Republican Rich, an Aristocracy of the Wealthy and screw everyone else. It is a Nation where an archaic document that governs their country, written 237 years ago is sacrosanct and inspired by that greatest of deities GOD. Got another Barf Bag Please? This is the Nation that sired the “Robber Barons” who in turn gave rise to the “Moneyed Aristocracy” of the Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Vanderbilts ‘ plus the Nouveau Riche like the Koch Brothers, Adelson, and Romneys. Now there is nothing wrong with being rich there is however something wrong with obtaining those riches at the expense of the poor or middle class. There is also something wrong with these people owning a Political Party to help them become richer and perpetuate the lie that “If you work hard, you too can become rich like us”. Hell, give a billionaire a 50% tax cut and that money will disappear into some hidden off-shore vault.

When Obama was running for office and eventually elected (twice) as President he was labelled À Socialist`, and of course in the U.S. that equates to `Communist` by the Republicans. These `Sh– Heads wouldn`t know a true Socialist if he kicked them in the family jewels. They are also too dumb to realize that they have Social Programs running in their country such as Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicare, and Social Security, so I guess that because Republicans also voted for these services that makes them just as Socialist as Obama, a Democrat. Because of this the `Tea Party is running around like Chicken Little screaming “The Sky is Falling` `and other idiots like Ted Nugent want to have another Revolution. What is this the Andy Griffith comedy line `Save your Confederate Money Boys. The South is going to rise again`. The N.R.A. wants everyone who is big enough to hold a gun own one, and the Evangelicals want everyone to live their lives literally by the Bible. Yeah! Great Country.  It`s not but it could be better than it is if they would only grow up. Well the Romans went through their growing pains from Republic to Empire to Falling and from where this individual sits it looks like it`s Déjà Vu, all over again.



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