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Whilst reading the Huffington Post this morning I came across an article entitles “N.R.A. CEO Goes off Rails” in which the author Christina Wilkie summarised what Lapierre had written in a published commentary by the Daily Caller and included was where to read the complete text. Which I did and decided that I must comment myself on this “RANT”.

Reading this diatribe was reminiscent of other such discourses I have read over the years. In particular as I commented in the Huffington Post “Change the language, change the era and what you have is “Deutschland Erwake”. This commentary is pure unadulterated ‘fear mongering” spouted by a self appointed “Prophet of Doom”, Lapierre. In the 21 years between the two World Wars in parts of Europe certain groups of “Ultra Rightwing Nationalist” preached these messages preying upon the fears and resentments of people until they gained power. Those who lived through or fought in the second World War know of whom I speak. Like the Demagogues of that past era Lapierre is using peoples apprehension and uncertainties to gain power. He and the National Rifle Association are hiding behind and abusing the 2nd Amendment of the U. S. Constitution to further their own agenda. That being coin in their pockets as the whole executive of the N.R.A. are Lobbyists for the Gun and Ammunition Manufacturers. It doesn’t weight on their conscience who is gunned down in some mass shooting, they have their “Thirty Pieces of Silver”.

This commentary mentions “Stand and Fight” politically and in the courts then goes on to say that ” tens of millions of Americans are preparing to Stand and Fight to protect their families and homes. That last part could in some quarters be construed to mean “Armed Insurrection”. He goes on to say how we must strengthen the N.R.A. like never before, perhaps in that paranoid brain he has visions of a “Schutzstafel” as a means of strengthening. Since the election according to this article millions of Americans have flocked to Gun Stores buying up weapons, including assault type as fast as they can because they know that there is a good chance that the ban on assault type weapons that was allowed to lapse stands a good chance of being reinstated. This is as it should be as there is absolutely no logical reason for a sports shooter or hunter owning a weapon that was designed for one purpose and one purpose only, killing people.

Lapierres’ commentary rants on against President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, and other gun control advocates railing that it is all a conspiracy to ban all types of guns. He falsifies statistics on Kidnappings, and Drug Gang Crime, and uses to possibility of Terrorists invading through Mexico. All playing on the fears of the xenophobic American public. One could almost believe that Lapierre studied Goebbels because he has almost mastered the art of the Big Lie. Tell a lie big enough and often enough and it will become the truth.

Edmund Burke said it correctly “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”. so America maybe it is time you woke up to the realities around you. Remain asleep and you might just wake up to  the sound of Jackboots, wore by the N.R.A. S/S.



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