My present son-in-law is really a great guy not in the least like the first one my oldest married whom I didn’t like at all. When my daughter first introduced me to him I asked her “how come you didn’t meet him first”?  I didn’t like my first son-in-law because I suspected he couldn’t keep it in his pants and it turned out he couldn’t. I will tolerate a lot of weaknesses in people except Adultery. This I think comes from having a step-father who ran around on my Mother for years. She knew about it but she had come to some sort of agreement with him. I saw, though, how it hurt her and I swore that I would never do that to my wife if and when I married. My marriage broke up after 13 years but not because I ever played around. I didn’t.

As I started off saying my son-in law is really a great guy and he makes my oldest happy which is all that counts. The only fault I can find in him is he is too damn tall and I get a crick in my neck having to look up all the time. Hell I’m only 5’6 or7″ and he is about 6′ or more. I sort of shrunk a bit as I got older as  according to the Army I was 5’8″. Any way “G” (which I shall refer to him as) is  pretty intelligent more so than me when it comes to certain areas. Perhaps the only place I have it on him is History. He is an excellent writer with a mastery of the English Language that I once had but lost due to non-use. He is an aspiring author having written but not published a book, loves politics, and has a Blog. He does have one small annoying habit in his writing. He has a tendency to spell the American way which really bugs the you know what out of me. He keeps forgetting to use the double vowel “O U” in certain words. Sometimes I swear he does it just to annoy me as he knows I read his Blog all the time. Aside from that I really can’t find fault. Anyway I’d better not as my oldest would more than likely disown me. I can see the love between them and I must admit at times I’m envious. Reminds me so much of how I once felt about my ex.

Before I forget another thing G has going for him is he is of Scots descent and being a Scot myself (born there) on a scale of one to ten that gives him 90.  My oldest first husband was of English (Sassenach) descent. We Scots stick to-gether. “ALBA GU BRATH”. Enough of the Scottish boasting. Whether G was Scots, English or whatever he is a good man and for that I can only praise him. I’m proud to call him son-in-law (Son). Another great thing is that both of them are adopting a young Lad, 12 years old and I know that they will both make great parents. I have to admire them both as that is a big change in their lives and they are giving this youngster something he has desperately longed for a Family. I honestly must admit that I don’t know if I could do that but he is going to be my grandson and I will love himand make a “Guid Scot o’ him”. Kind of makes me choke up a bit with the Love and Pride I have for them.


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