My Opinion


There is a certain Sub-Species within Humanity whom I shall tag Hostis Veritas ( Enemies of the truth). They have been a part of our history for untold centuries living in every society especially authoritarian dictatorships. They have though in this age of mass communications found root in most Democracies. The fertile ground in free societies is perfect pasture in which they can sink their deep roots and spread their tendrils into every nook and cranny of the ignorant uneducated minds that sate their hunger. They are creatures of rumour, innuendo, lies and mis-information vilifying those who would stand against them. They are bigots, racists, false prophets, and religious fanatics. They will twist and subjorn the truth weaving it into a tapestry of lies then convince the unwary that what was the truth is a lie and what is the lie is the truth. They are the Hucksters, Con-Men, and Charlatans of the Information Age.

Every Western Democracy has these despoilers who use the medias to denounce, decry, and denigrate any thought or idea that does not conform to their twisted version of Conservatism. Their own ideology borders on and in some instances crosses into the realm of Fascism. They are the propagandists for Ultra-Conservatism and as such factuality is irrelevant, it is an encumbrance to be discarded at a whim. Why state the truth when it is more profitable to embellish  a lie until it becomes believable.  A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. Perhaps the greatest number of these savagers of the truth reside and flourish within the borders of the United States where they spew their vileness daily to their plebeian fans on the radio or television. Nothing is out of bounds to them, even the invoking of their God to arouse the wrath of the uncultured, under educated hordes that hang on their every word. The Gospel of lies and half truths aided and abetted by un-fettered freedom of speech is grist for the mills of bigotry and xenophobia. They will say anything that will boost their ratings, egos and paycheques. No one or thing is safe from their vitriolic bile ejected like a pyroclastic flow laying waste to all in its’ path. They fuel the evil that lurks in the minds of men and feed upon the hollow sense of power they believe they hold. They are the agitators in a riot, the anarchists who respect nothing, caring only to tear down and destroy and all the while distaining those that would follow and do their bidding.

These are the new barbarians, the enemies of truth and decency, despising honesty and honour, demagogues catering to the lower strata of society.  They are the new Goths and Vandals who would tear down civilization and spawn a new Dark Age.  They are the Nero’s of the modern age strumming the Lyre while all around them burns.



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