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One argument amongst Creationists is the “Theory of Evolution” is just that a theory I would argue that “Creationism” is a myth. At the time it was created every society in the Cradle of Civilization had their Gods and Heroes. So it is only logical that a small Semitic tribe of Hebrews would want what the big boys had. Because they were a small nomadic tribe they realized they couldn’t build temples to all the myriad of Gods so they went for simplicity, one God that way they could carry his temple (Arc of the Covenant) on the back of a camel and set up prayer meetings where and when they wanted. It saved on virgins also as they didn’t have to offer one to every damn male god in the area. Cut dinning expenses down too as it would only cost one goat or ram at sacrifice time instead of half the flock. Yep, old Abe knew a good idea when it cropped up.

Having one God was easier as He was responsible for everything and you didn’t have to worry about which God was pissed off or Happy because there was just the one big boss and his word was law. When you read the myths and stories in what is referred to as “The Old Testament” this guy got pissed off a lot. He was selfish, vain, covetous, and vengeful. He didn’t like being mocked or ignored and woe to them who would challenge him. In one story he nuked a city “for their wickedness”, personally I think he was just really annoyed that they didn’t invite him to the weekly orgies. One of the survivors of this temper tantrum was curious as to how the city was to be destroyed and while fleeing turned to look and I guess because the boss didn’t want any witnesses he turned her into a pillar of salt. The only good that came out of that was that when the herd animals returned to the area they had a new salt lick.

Well for roughly 5800 years or so the world plodded along in its’ ignorance and superstition until in the early 1800s when a young man took a sea voyage upon a sailing ship and on his return change the world forever. The man, Charles Darwin, the change “The Theory of Evolution” Now before I go any further I must say that I have no ology or ologist attached to my name but I love history and I love to read and that makes me a pretty good amateur. Who knows’ if I had chosen a different path I might well have been some important professor.  Any way let me state my position on Evolution. It is not a Theory it is Fact and the reason I state that is because it is the only logical, rational way to explain how we got here. Someone once said to me what if all this is nothing but a drug induced dream of some giant alien smoking a joint. My immediate thought was “Oh Crap” if that were true then all of us creationist, evolutionist, or Joe down the street are really and truly screwed.  The person who said that was smoking a joint at the time so that flushed that idea. There just isn’t any other intelligent explanation, not even  Divine Intervention or whatever it is called.

The Universe is always looking for perfection and trying to achieve it. Some life form will crop up have its’ run for the money then fade into extinction and another will take its’ place like a slot machine it will keep coming up with combinations until the Jackpot is hit. Are we that Jackpot or merely another design taking its’ turn upon the stage? Don’t know but I like to think we are in the running. Sort of an advanced proto-type that over the next 1000 millennia with a few tweaks here and there prove to be that perfection the Universe so desperately seeks. No God created in the minds of men could ever accomplish this goal. The reason for not reaching this goal is he/she/it is a God and like all Gods will be replaced in time by a new God until at some point they will just run out of Gods. It has been said that God created man so that man could create God. Hey I prefer the Universe playing with its’ Chemistry Set.






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