My son-in-law who has a very good blog is still at it in that for some inexplicable reason he keeps spelling like an American. Note I did not use the name Yankee as I am wont to do. His excuse, lame one, is that as he post on Huffington Post U.S. Edition he spells as they do. I chide him constantly about this as I think it is just laziness on his part and if I remember correctly so does his better half. Of course his better half is my daughter and if anyone has an excuse for spelling as our Southern Cousins it is her. She was, born there. I won’t go into the details of how this occurred suffice it to say that circumstance were such as to cause this to happen. Fortunately my daughter was removed from that environment at 6 months of age and brought back to the more civilized part of North America, Canada, where she has resided ever since. Thus she speaks and spells like a daughter of the True North.

Enough said about that. Some people I know will say I hate Americans, I don’t. I don’t much like them but I do not hate them. To be truthful I wish them no harm but I do wish they would go away. Maybe move to Antarctica in fact if it were possible I would even suggest Mars. Just some place where we don’t have to share a common border. Now I know that there are many good Americans it is just so damn hard to find them amongst the loudmouth yahoos. One of the really big things that bugs me about them is that they truly believe they are the greatest people to ever exists. That and this thing they have about god. You know “God Bless America, In God We Trust, So Help me God”, what, they think they are this gods’ chosen or something. Hell if memory serves correctly from the long gone days when I believed in this god he had chosen the Jews as his people. There wasn’t any such people as Americans back then.

The term “Yankee” originally referred to those Americans that inhabited the New England States from Maine to Rhode Island and somewhere along the line also turned into a derogatory name for all Americans commonly used by the Brits and Australians. Personally I rather like the term and use it both as a general name for Americans and on numerous occasions as a derogatory term especially when I am peeved at our neighbours to the south. Mostly I get peeved at them when they interfere or attempt to interfere with us. I also use it when they just generally piss me off with their arrogance and stupidity. Now I have said that one of my daughters was born in America but I do not refer to her as a Yankee as she was born in Texas so in my mind she’s a “Reb” a Southern Belle. Anyway she spent so little time there that she is no more a Yankee or American than the Queen is. She was raised and educated a Canadian although she does hold dual citizenship. Now I can understand if she sometimes would make the mistake, which she hasn’t to my knowledge , of spelling like an  America but my son-in-law who was born, raised and educated all the way to University and taught the Kings” (Queens) English has no excuse. He either uses it out of laziness or because he knows it really bugs me. Why he would intentionally do this just to annoy me is baffling as I really like him and I know of very few Fathers who like the man who marries his daughter. Anyway I will continue to remind him when he spells Yankee and who knows maybe sometime in the future I will wear him down. Of course this has to be in the near future because at my age I really don’t have much time to hammer at him.


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