It’s been a long winter, or at least it seems so. Here it is the 29th of March and it has only been about the last week that it has started to warm up. Actually to-day was a gorgeous spring day. Finally got the chance to take my E-Scooter out for a good  run lasting about half an hour. Having a few problems with it again though. Haven’t really been riding much since last summer and I notice even back then it was pulling to the left. I don’t think the front wheel was aligned properly when the new tire was installed. I have also noticed that it does not seem to be taking a full charge. Perhaps one of the batteries has gone dead or the charger  is malfunctioning. Anyway next week some time they are coming to take my baby into the shop in Hamilton. When it’s ready my daughter will drop me off and I will ride it the 40 odd kilometres home. It’s a nice ride and takes about an hour. Sometimes it takes longer as you will meet up with others on their E-Scooters and of course you have to stop, admire, and compare. That’s the part I like as you get to meet some interesting people and the odd character.

Been thinking of buying a Handy-Cam that I can mount on my scooter and make vids of some of my local excursions. The big draw back with E-Scooters is not the speed but the range . The one have will do about 40-45 kph but it is limited to a 120 kilometre round trip, 60 out 60 back.  OK. that is great for around town, which of course is their primary purpose and it gives me mobility so I don’t have to rely on others for transportation to get to the Doctors, go shopping,  or like on the 12th of April getting to the Hospital for some damn stress test on my heart. Just sometime I wish I could take off for a days’ riding around, maybe head to Toronto  Yikes! what am I thinking? No way would I go to the city for a day, too many people and cars. Horrible place, scares the hell out of me. Toronto is not the city I grew up in. Back in the day it was a nice clean place of only about 100,000 people and only a handful of skyscrapers. Now it looks no different than any Northern U.S. city, noisy, dirty, and crowded. It just displaced Chicago as the 4th largest city in North America.

Yeah! it has been a long winter or maybe not really as with each year I grow older the winter seem longer and colder. Must be the old bones just can’t take it anymore. We had more snow this year than last and more last year than the year before. Hate that white stuff. Use to be I loved it and the cold now it is just the proverbial pain in the butt. It has been suggested that I become a Snowbird and go south for the winter, well most snowbirds go to Florida or Arizona and therein lies the problem. They are in the States and there is no way in you know what I will live in the U.S. again even if only for a few months. I will stay here and suffer through the winters rather than do that. My daughters are always telling me that if I won’t do  anything about something that bugs me then stop bitchin’ about it. Well my answer is “Hey I’m an old fart and I have earned the right to bitch. So there”.


Hey this is Canada and it ain’t called the “True North” for nothing and yeah we have winter but that doesn’t mean I have to be in love with it. My love affair with snow and cold ended about 20 years ago and there will never be a reconciliation. The divorce from Boreas is final. I love the Spring and Fall, the weather is perfect, not to hot not to cold. Summers wouldn’t be too bad around here except for the humidity. It is like living in a fish bowl full of warm water. Yep this time of year is perfect. So looks like we can finally say good bye to winter for another year and of course if I’m still around come next December you can count on the fact that I will be bitchin’ about the cold and snow and longing for the return of Spring.


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