I have never aspired to be a great writer  nor for that matter a great anything. I like myself and my life the way it is and has been. To be sure it would have been nice if some things turned out different or I chose a different path but all in all I’m pretty well satisfied with things.  Not much I can do about it now and there sure as hell no sense in spending the years that are left to me bitching about what might have or could have been. Doing that will just shorten my time and more than likely turn me into a miserable old sod or drive me nuts.

I have done some travelling, had some adventures, had fun, and yes made mistakes, but there are no or very few regrets. Could have done better in my marriage, or at school. Trouble was, back in school, I had a tendency to be brain lazy, figuring Hey! everything will turn out OK so I really don’t have to put much effort into what I am doing. There was also the point that in certain subjects in school I thought I was smarter than the teachers and, I hope that without sounding snobbish, in one subject in particular I was. My History teachers could teach me nothing as I had read far beyond what they were attempting to drill into the heads of indifferent students. Academically I have always loved reading especially History and believe it or not good Sci-Fi. To me they sort of go to-gether. What has happened and what could possibly happen. The hand and the glove. The reading of Sci-Fi and the study of History can also be an escape, letting one’s mind wander back or forward  through the mists of time to a different age or culture. From Troy to Spock’s Vulcan, Achilles to Adama, the Horse to the Battlestar.  History is the story of Humanity where we come from and believe it or not where we are going, what we have achieved and are capable of achieving. It is a living breathing entity.


As I stated I am pretty well satisfied how my life to-date has played out. About the only thing I can think of that I regret is the failure of my marriage. If I could have another go round at it I definitely know I would try harder to make it work. I did however accomplish two great things in my marriage, I fathered two wonderful daughters who are the pride and joy of my life. Like the Lyrics of that old song “They can’t take that away from me”. I have had as I said a few adventures one of which although I don’t regret I don’t know if I’d do it again. I fought in a war even though I was a Combat Medic I did have on a few occasions take the life of the enemy. Something medics aren’t suppose to do but it was at the time a necessity in order to protect my life. I have travelled a bit  to at least 12 different countries plus all across Canada with the exception of Newfoundland and British Columbia. I have also travelled a fair bit in the U.S. I have been to Scotland twice. Actually 3 times if you consider I was born there. Been to England once when we left Scotland to take the boat to Canada. I have also been to a few countries in Continental Europe, 3 in the West Indies, and 6 in the Orient. No matter where I have gone I always, always come home to Canada as it is the greatest place on Earth to live.  I have lived three score and ten ‘years and hopefully the Universe will let me hang around for a good few more. I am a creature of curiosity I want to know what happened and what will happen in the glorious future that lays ahead. I know I will not live to see humanity colonize the planets or go to the stars but knowing that just maybe, perhaps I was here at the start is satisfaction enough . As the R.C.A.F Motto says “Sic Itur Ad Astra” (Thus you shall go to the Stars.”





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