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These are my E-Scooters , on the left is my Gimelli and on the right my Dream Ryder. The Gimelli was the first one I bought 3 years ago, then 2 years ago I saw the Dream Ryder and had to have it. The Dream Ryder (D/R) is faster and has a greater range and looks cooler. I know, I know, just like a kid in a toy shop. Now it is time to say good-bye to my Gimelli. I have made arrangement to have it sold and in some ways I’m sad to see it go. Since I got the D/R I haven’t rode the Gim that much, it has been a back up when the D/R had to go into the shop, which it is scheduled for next Tuesday.

I got hooked on E-Scooters when a late tenant bought one and let me try it out. I forget the make it was but it was a lot smaller and slower than either of mine and had considerably less range. The fact that both my scooters were faster wasn’t the sole reason I bought them the main factor was range. The Gim is a 48 Volt, with a range of about 75 km round trip and a top speed of about 35 kph. The D/R is a 60 Volt, with a range of 120 km round trip and a top speed of about 45 kph. OK they are not motorcycles that can go like a bat out of hell but for my purposes they are fine. Before my oldest daughter moved the Gim was OK as I could get to her place and back no problem. When she moved though I needed more range and a better ability to go uphill. E-Scooters don’t really like climbing hills or ramps. The D/R has a better ability to get up the overpasses and of course it can go a lot farther on a 4 hour charge than the Gim on an 8 hour charge. Last summer when I went to pick my D/R up after having a flat repaired I noticed the dealership had a newer version of the D/R in stock,, a 73 volt lithium battery model. I asked about maybe trading up and much to my astonishment the young salesman said “you don’t want to do that” your 60 volt is a lot better than this. He said something to the effect that there were problems with the regenerative power system that allowed the scooter to recharge as it was coasting. For this main reason he said it would be better to wait and see what developed.  Thought that was damn descent of the guy. Before I forget another reason I like the D/R is that I can ride it to the dealership and back no problem. That’s an 80-85 km round trip where as the Gim Dealer is about 60 km away and on top of the escarpment. No way the Gim could climb up there in fact I think the D/R would have a struggle.

That first year I had the Gim I had a blast riding around town, I was mobile and no longer dependent on getting a ride or using the bus. The only problem is though that come winter you are restricted as being electric and the motor in the rear wheel snow can play havoc. Electricity and water don’t really much like one another. Even with the D/R there are limits and to be honest between being very busy and having some health problems I didn’t get to ride it much last summer. This summer though I will more than make up for it. So come the end of April my red Gimelli will be gone and it will be just me and my Black D/R cruising around town. Going to look a bit weird for awhile in the garage with just the one scooter in my spot but what the hey it’s just a scooter not a horse.




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