What is pictured is my newest of E-Scooters. Newest and last for I shan’t be buying any more at least not in this life. Next time around it will more than likely be a Can-Am Spyder or a Suzuki Bergman. I waited too late to get a motorcycle this time.


Anywho to get back to my latest (and last) acquisition it is a 60 Volt Hurricane and I love it. It looks almost like the Dream Ryder I had but in this case there are definite upgrades. This new one has a digital dashboard rather than analogue. hitch includes a battery life indicator, and odometre. It has adjustable shocks, more comfortable seat, a safety cut out switch on the kickstand so that id you inadvertently turn the throttle the motor will not engage. It has 3 speeds and a push button cruise control, and off course headlights with high and low beam, directional signals and brake lights, and finally a horn. I haven’t quite discovered all the bells and whistles but that will come with use. Which I fully intend to do a lot.


I love E-Scooter, or E-Bikes. They are non-polluting, quiet, clean and cheap to run. Here in Ontario you do not need a drivers license, insurance , or registration. You must be 16, wear a certified helmet and stay off the major highways. Which by the way you would be nuts to try as they are regulated by law to a maximum speed of 32km (20mph). I got this new one from the same people who sold me the Dream Ryder, Rider Solutions on Ottawa St., Hamilton. The bike is really great and even though I’ve only had it 5 days quite a few people have asked me about it. Look at it,  it looks cool.


I had no idea I would get this one but when I went to pick up my Dream Ryder that was being repaired, I fell in love. They offered me a good deal so the next thing I know is I am riding home from Hamilton on my new white steed. My black beauty is now gone but I have admit riding it around dressed in black including helmet kind of made me look like a biker out to terrorize the neighbourhood. Now my trusty steed is white so I guess like in the old westerns I’m the good guy. Now I just have to wait a few more days to ride as it is going pour down tonight and tomorrow. That’s OK as long as it is a good day on Sat. Then Hi, Ho, Blanco. 



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