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There was a most interesting article in Thursdays’ Huff Post. The NRAs’ Fraud: Fabrication of Second Amendment Rights by Burton Newman. “A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” ~ Second Amendment U.S. Constitution.

To quote from the article “The Second Amendment became part of our (American) constitution in 1791. For well over two centuries the Supreme Court never decided that the Amendment granted a constitutional right to individuals to bear arms. The widely held notion that such a right existed was a myth fabricated by the NRA for its’ own self interest and for the corporate profits of gun manufacturers.” It goes on to say “Misconceptions generated by the NRA created a warped interpretation of the Second Amendment that generated these sales.”

During the infamous Nazi era in Germany the Minister of propaganda, Josef Goebbels, taught his minions that a Big Lie told often enough will become the truth. Could it be that the NRA took a page from his book. Of course not, as they are a straight shooting truth telling American organization . It doesn’t matter a hoot that the weapons manufactures give them money to advance their cause. After all that’s the American Way. Profit at all cost and to hell with who or what stands in the way.  The article goes on to say how in 1991 on PBS News Hour, Chief Justice Warren Burger referred to the NRA Second Amendment myth as “one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat fraud, on the American people by any special interest group that I have ever seen in my lifetime.” For an organization that started off in 1871 as a gun club promoting marksmanship and gun safety they sure have “come a long way baby”. Ah! the power and lure of the “Almighty Buck” especially when it comes to lobbyist groups. I envision in the future the NRA lobbying for “A Nuke in ever Home. Stop those Bad Guys with the push of a button. Protect your Family and property and don’t worry about your neighbours as they won’t be around to complain”. Neither will you. I know it’s a ridiculous thought but remember these are the people advocating military style assault weapons for personal use. After all you just might need that Barrett .50 calibre sniper rifle or a Bush Master when you go hunting. Never know when a porcupine might attack or your swarmed by rabid squirrels and of course there is the long dread approach of the “ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE” when the dead will rise up and eat the living. Yeah! give me a break……

No matter what is said or written America is a nation of gun owners and that is never going to change in my lifetime or the foreseeable future the damage is already done and the credit for it can be laid at the feet of the NRA. As an outsider at times I am outraged by the violence and callousness of these people and at others I pity them. It must be horrible to live in a society where you never know if someone will shoot you down for absolutely no reason other than they can because they can buy guns easier than a car.  The American Senate just defeated a bill that would expand background checks on potential gun owners. One of the reason is that they feared it becoming a slippery slope to “Gun Registry”, which by the way the bill forbade , and to hell with the fact that 90% of the American people wanted this. No can’t upset the NRA as they will campaign against you when you run for re-election. The power of fear, and the cowardice of elected officials is a potent brew especially when mixed with the fact that most politicians (any stripe) think the electorate is stupid to begin with. No I’m afraid that the NRA will toddle along on its’ merry way invoking images of Charlton Heston  or some other aged actor to pose bible in one hand musket in the other shouting to a psyched up crowd “From my cold dead hands”.  ‘GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because no one else will.








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