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It seems to me that the U.S has a pest control problem and I am not talking about terrorists or their acts. What I am talking about are the cretins that seem to crawl out from under the wood work whenever an incident or crisis arises in their country.

The latest I have read about is one Stella Tremblay, a New Hampshire legislator who is claiming the Boston Marathon Bombing was a covert black ops by the U.S. Government against its’ own citizenry. Before I continue let me say that the U.S. is not the only country that has these creatures. They abound in just about every Democracy on the planet. A catastrophe or crisis arises and they leap forth with their wild allegations and off the wall theories primarily to get their name in the news.  I must say though that it seems the U.S. has more than its’ fair share of these seekers of “their 15 minutes of fame”.

The article I read mentioned someone named David Johnson who is Tremblays’ History advisor and where he learned his History is a mystery to me. Suffice it to say he is a revisionist of the worst type, a charlatan, to be polite.  Another observation I have made is that most of these individuals are extreme conservatives (Republican) and or Tea Party members. These individuals are also hate mongers and in a lot of instances bigots. I have no love of Islam or for that matter any religion but I do not and will not rail against them nor will I condemn the many for the misguided few. Muslims Jews and Christians all claim to believe in the same God (different name) but each assert that  the others have it wrong. Well who are you to say whose has it right or who has it wrong, shouldn’t that be up to the so called God you believe in?

These rodential troglodytes that crawl forth at the smell of death to dance and prance in the limelight are vermin to be handled as any of their species. Call Pest Control.


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