I have stated a few times that I love Ancient Greek History so a couple of days ago I came up with the brilliant idea to learn the language of the Iliad. I found a free site on the internet on learning Ancient Greek at home, great this is going to be a piece of cake. After about 30 mins. I realized that this wasn’t such a bright idea after all. In fact this was really dumb so that along with the rest of the bright ideas I have had went out the window. I will stick to reading other peoples’ translations. That way I won’t use up what little power is left in the batteries that drive my brain. It really annoys the beejeezus out of me that after seven decades of use my brain is slowing down. They can come up with pills like Viagra to recharge the old sex engine well why can’t the come up with something to recharge the brain. You know, take a pill and become a intellectual giant for eight hours or so. I guess though there would also have to be the warning if your super intellect last more than eight hours see your doctor as your brain could implode, explode, or just ooze out your ears.


When I was around nine I became an Altar boy and had to learn the prayers in Latin as the Mass was said in that language back then. Well after a few years when I had to take a semester of Latin it dawned on me that the old rhyme was true;

Latin is a language

As ancient as can be

It killed the Ancient Romans

And now it’s killing me.

Hey I was a teenager and stuck in an English Style private boarding school. Big mistake on my parents part. After six months I was expelled. Big mistake on my part, but we shan’t go into that. Suffice it to say that I finally finished High School and even a couple of years of University. If I could go back that is the one thing I would change. I would finish my education and become a Professor of Classical History. Which would mean I would have learned both Greek and Latin. Ah! If only. Eh!


No sense in having regrets about it. What’s done is done. I must admit though I have had a few bright ideas than panned out. I went off to fight a war which some would say was stupid as I didn’t have to. My reply has always been yeah your right but I had to experience it. I was the oldest son of a family whose military history went back hundreds of years. During this time I met and eventually married my ex-wife and we had two great daughter. Perhaps the brightest idea that panned out was I took to reading again and studying History. Another bright idea was I learned to sail and eventually bought my own boat. For eighteen years that was my great escape. Perhaps the dumbest idea I ever had was to start smoking. Well after fifty-six years and three heart attacks the penny dropped and I quit. Not quite ready to shuck off this “Mortal Coil” as there are a few more ideas of what I would like to do before the “Grim Reaper” visits. I am not going to list them as of yet but with my luck one of them for sure will quite possibly be the last bright (Dumb) idea I have. Hey if so at least I will know that it was mine. Who knows maybe I have already had that idea as I bought an Electric Scooter (actually this is my third) which looks like a Vespa and which I ride like there is know to-morrow. OK it only does about 40 KPH but I ride it just like it was a big Harley. My daughters, although they won’t say it, believe it will be the final dumb ass notion I have come up with.









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