Grousing, Pee Oed


Just shortly after the New Year I made a promise to myself that I would stop bashing the Yanks. Sorry but I have to break it. I will give them this; I will not bash the good Yanks, only the stupid dumbass Tea Party idiotic gun loving, bible thumping, shit for brains type. IE: Palin, Bachman, Limbaugh, Perry, Cruz, Lapierre, Beck, and the rest of that ilk. Or in other words “REPUBLICANS” mainly because they make it so easy to dislike them.


There are those who will say that it fine for me to criticize as I am an out sider. I am, I live north of the border but I spent six and a half years in the American Army of which I was stationed in Texas for eighteen months. San Antonio to be precise and in that time I never saw so many guns in one place except for the bases’ arms room. Everybody and his brother, or sister had one and they weren’t ashamed to use them.  For a while there I thought I had time warped back to the Alamo and Santa Anna was coming. We had a neighbour who worked night shift and every night when he left for work he loaded his rifle and gave it to his wife and then locked the door telling her she was not to open it until he came home. What a way to live your life, so afraid and paranoid. Another neighbour across the road from us got in an argument with his wife which ended abruptly when he fired both barrels of his 12 gauge into her face. Believe it or not we lived in a nice apartment and neighbourhood up by the Airport. I was never so glad to get out of a place when I received orders, to go to Germany. After my tour in Germany it was discharge and home to Canada. In the past 40 years I have been back to the states four times. Once taking my kids to Disney World and three times to Newport Rhode Island for sailing and the last time I did that was 20 years ago. Nope I stay away from that place.


I sit up here in relative safety reading the new paper and watching ABC News (The only Yankee news I watch) to get the Yanks impression of the world around them.  What I have deduced is that to them there is no world really beyond their borders and that this is the Twenty-First Century and the U.S. is the most powerful nation on Earth and the G ODS help us, half their population is insane.  They worship Aries and his followers Phobos and Deimos only they don’t realize it as they are to wrapped up in their bibles.


The N.R.A.s’ having some kind of a convention in Texas to choose a new President and celebrate the defeat of the most recent attempt to impose gun controls. As you would expect ever gun toting knuckle dragging troglodyte is present.  Some of their ding bat females are also in attendance. By the way calling these females ding bats is not chauvinistic it is a fact. As Einstein stated “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and some of these women and men are downright uneducated to say the least. What really irks me about these types of Yanks is their hypocrisy, they claim to be good Christians and follow the teaching of their saviour. Well if I’m correct this saviour said something about living and dying by the sword (gun) and somewhere else it is written about turning your weapons into ploughshares. Of course the bible thumpers much prefer “an eye for an eye”. Tell me what is the difference them between them and fundamental Muslims, an AR or an AK?




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