My Opinion


In the play Henry II there is a line “Will no one rid me of this turbulent Priest” mayhaps Mr. Wayne Lapierre and his ilk at the N.R.A. should pay heed to it. The only problem with that though is it would make him a martyr (like Becket) in the eyes of his cohorts. Who knows they might canonize him as St. Wayne of the Winchester, Patron Saint of N.R.A.  I can just see some nut bar setting out to commit mass murder praying please St. Wayne bless my ammunition, all 1000 rounds, and make my Bushmaster fire straight and true with no jam ups.


It is a fore gone conclusion that you Yanks will always have your guns but if you believes in the law and the sanctity of life stop following the preaching of the N.R.A.  It is corrupting the meaning of your 2nd Amendment and all for money and power. To quote to you from the bible you all seem to love `Beware the false Prophet who comes to you wearing sheep clothing. The N.R.A. and its leadership are such false prophets out to make money from the gun and ammunition manufactures for they have turned from a gun club into a lobbying group.


The median and your government talk about home grown terrorists and all the while there sits the NRA which uses it power to terrorize your representatives into voting for the weapons maker’s agenda. Prime example of this was the resent vote in your congress on the Gun Control Legislation, it was voted down irregardless of the fact that the vast majority of Americans wanted stricter controls in place, the NRA is now boasting of its` success in defeating this bill, even disregarding the wishes of the majority of members. The power of money and the cowardice of politicians. Looking from the outside it seems to me that if you have enough money you can buy your government. Corporate America (along with the corporate world) don`t give a damn about the individual all they see is their bottom line. This free enterprise, capitalism run amok is the bane of freedom especially in the U.S. as the so called American Dream is a fallacy. 


Anyway it will do no good for outsiders like me to rant against their obsession with guns it is up to the people of America to get legislators elected who will do as the majority want and not cave in to the lobbyists and crackpots who seem to abound in their society.


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