My Opinion, Politics


The more I read the news especially American politics and the antics of their politicians the more thankful I am that I do not live in that country.  It is not that we up here do not have our share of nut bars but mercifully they are very few in comparison. Everyone knows that Ottawa has its whackos sitting in Parliament and they mostly sit on the Conservative side of the House.  Our Prime Minister, Steven Harper, is a vindictive, nasty big bully, who reminds me of a spoiled little brat who has to have his way. O.K I’m biased as I am a liberal but that doesn’t mean that I agree with or back every policy or idea they come up with. If the truth be known I do not have much use for politicians of any stripe but they like lawyers are a necessary evil.  It just seems to me though those politicians in a Republican type government are the worst of the lot.

That having been said let me add that our Parliamentary system isn’t the greatest either. To begin with we have our illustrious (infamous) Senate which is nothing but an appointed “Old Boys” club for political has-beens and cronies and should be abolished instanter. No need to debate about reforming it just put forth a Constitutional Amendment for abolition. Why these aging political hacks should have the power to change or return legislation to the House is beyond me. I personally believe that the “Commons” is the supreme power in the land.  Another thing that has to be eliminated is the party “Whip” to ensure that the members vote along the party line. To hell with what the constituents might want the party wants this so you had better toe the line. It seems that the “Free Vote” in Parliament is going the way of the Dodo bird. Our Parliament which is based on the British system including the Constitutional Monarchy is a good system but it could be better but for the foreseeable future it will plod along and when individuals of any side like our current P.M. are in charge things will continue to be screwed up.


As to our Constitutional Monarchy, well, being a monarchist I’m all for it. I know there are many in the land who wishes it to be abolished as they consider it a relic of Colonialism and it is costing us money. Well the only time it costs us money is when we invite the Monarch or members of the family to visit. As to it being a vestige of colonialism, absolute nonsense, just consider this, if it wasn’t for colonialism we more than likely wouldn’t be here after all the country as we now know it was settled by Europeans and the French established the first permanent colony.


Ever since mankind formed into tribes or clans there have been politicians, Chiefs and tribal elders, Kings and courtiers, Emperors and advisers, democracies and 1st ministers. Politicians have been with us for thousands of year and will more than likely be around when humanity becomes extinct. Because of the complexity of society as it grew larger we had to elect or appoint someone to represent us or our point of view whenever decisions had to be made on a national level. No longer the days of Athenian Democracy where every citizen voted on every piece of legislation. Can you imagine a voting system like that to-day in this country or countries with greater population. Whatever was trying to be accomplished would become obsolete before the vote was counted. So now we have our politicians who the vast majority of are lawyers which in turn creates work for their profession as most of the time you need a lawyer just to read the damn legislation. They sure know which side their bread is buttered on. We don’t like them but we need them. Hell of a conundrum .



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