On Monday the 27th of May I went to look at an apartment in a seniors’ residence and was accompanied by my oldest daughter and her husband but that is not what this is about. What it is about is the dressing down or lecture that I received from my oldest. Now normally as her Father I would not have stood there and gotten lectured to by someone whom I had helped create but in this instance as the saying goes I had it coming to me. You see I am a 71 year old kid. Never grew up or at least deliberately retarded my maturing process. I have always been oblivious as to what is occurring in my everyday life as I find most of it mundane and boring. Or as my daughters and others have said I just don’t think things through or really give a damn. If one were to look to Aesop’s’ Fable about the Ant and the Grasshopper I think I would be classed a Grasshopper. You see I never worried about the routine of life as I usually left it up to others to take care of it for me. Just couldn’t be bothered about all those annoying aspects such as planning and thinking ahead.

Well the price for that laissez-faire attitude is to end up a childish old man who gets lectures from his children about how he has to change his attitude and grow up. I have been fortunate or perhaps unfortunate to have strong women in my life. My Mother handled all the household things including the bills and my ex-wife did the same. Looking back not a very good thing as I didn’t learn how to deal with the daily routine such a finances. This caught up to me a few years ago and I had to turn to my oldest daughter to help me sort it all out. Same goes for my health, as in my last and scariest heart attack it was my oldest who was answering all the Doctors questions. As per usual I never paid much attention to my health nor listen to the Docs when they warned me. I guess like the Grasshopper I have skipped and danced my way through life and without realizing it causing those who are most dear to me unnecessary worry.

I have worked as the superintendent of the building I live in for eighteen years and although it is a bit intimidating it is time to move on. The apartment I looked at is really nice as it has been totally renovated and the building grounds are park like. It is on the third, top, floor and there is a balcony which I have not had for about 10 years. The chap who showed me the place said that there are about ten women for every man in the building and they are all in or around my age group. Always have liked being around women and no not because of the reason (well somewhat) most people think of. Just more comfortable with them than men. Like being a thorn (as in protector) in a rose garden. My best friend whom I have not seen in years once said that he and I were born to the wrong age. We should have been alive in more chivalrous times. He is also a bit of a dreamer as I am.


Well here I am soon to be 71 years old and still a kid at heart. I don’t really know if that is a bad thing but it does have a few pitfalls. To be honest sometimes the world out there scares the hell out of me. It seems that it is going too fast and in an uncharted direction. When all is said and done my girls are right. I have cruised through my life with little or no concerns as I usually managed to dump them on someone else. Cost me my marriage. Just like the Grasshopper in the fable I let others worry about the world around me and bear the burden of raising a family and running a household. My job as I saw it was to work and provide food, shelter, and clothing and everything else was to be taken care of by others. So like the Grasshopper I am unprepared and having to learn things that should be second nature to someone my age. They say it is never too late to learn so I am starting and given a little more time I should be where I am supposed to be.

You know old Aesop was a pretty smart guy.




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