To-morrow, Sunday 16 June is Fathers’ Day. The concept of having a day to honour Fathers is basically a great idea but then like most great ideas it gets corrupted by the corporate world. For weeks leading up to the day one is bombarded by commercials of gifts that seemingly every Father wants or should have.  Well I would love very much that if to-morrow my daughters presented me with a “Can-Am Spyder” motorcycle. My chances of getting it are about the same as being whisked off to another Planet before I finish writing this. I’m getting something better, being taken out for a Fathers’ Day Breakfast. . Why is it better? Well I get to spend time with my girls, my son-in-law, and my Grandson and that beats any material gift they or anyone else could think of.

Holidays such as Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Xmas, should not be about what presents are given or received. They are, and should be about “Family”. That is the most important thing, for without it we are nothing. My heritage is Scottish and like all Celts I am very family oriented, or as some say “Clannish”. So be it. My Family and its’ History are very important to me and believe me when I say on my paternal side it goes back a long way. My step-fathers family goes back even further and in fact my biological family is an offshoot of my adopted family. That family claim descent from a very famous, although, some say mythical King. That doesn’t matter. What does matter, is at some point in the mist of time there was a first one and the line continued from there and like a vine sending out shoots to form other branches. It is being able to say that I come from a long line of great people, or on the other hand saying some of my ancestors were right bloody minded bastards. The thing is it is all Family. It is Continuity. 

This is my 43rd Fathers’ Day and every one of them has been great. My oldest was 9 months old on the first one but unfortunately we were separated on the second one as I was in Germany. Since then we have never missed one. Pretty damn good record. When my youngest came along it made Fathers’ Day even better, as I said it is all about Family.  So to-morrow my family will come and pick me up and take me to a restaurant in Burlington for breakfast and I will have my usual on these occasions, Ham & Eggs, Home Fries, Toast, and Coffee, which I love. Normally I don’t eat breakfast at all, just have my one cup of coffee for the day. Use to be coffee and cigarettes but not anymore as I quit smoking after 56 years.

The next Family celebration will be in September as both my oldest daughters’ and my birthday are within 6 days of each other. That one is my treat and a great excuse to be to-gether with all of them. Family always Family as it should be.



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