This is the weekend of the beginning of my move to my new apartment. After 28 years of living here I am now moving not only to a new place but a new town. Commencing to-morrow, Sunday, and ending Wednesday my new furniture will be delivered. That is the easy part. Once it is all safely ensconced in my new digs I have to start assembling it as it is mostly Ikea Furniture. It has been my experience in the past that one tends to need an Engineering Degree in order to read and understand the instruction. Fortunately, although I do not have said degree I am pretty handy as I have made my living working with tools. Still, though I just know something will get screwed up. It never fails. The instruction always say something like insert tab A into slot B and turn locking screw clockwise with the provided wrench. They never tell you what to do if tab A doesn’t really fit into slot B and that a wrench was not provided. There was one time I bought something and the instructions were only in Japanese. That was fun.

I think that I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I am not the greatest fan of change. Well this is definitely a change, hopefully for the better. Where I am moving to is a senior’s apartment building so everyone there is of my age group and generation, you know prewar, war, or post war babies. To put it bluntly all old farts, at least the males. One good thing about this move is that I am in the same town as my oldest daughter and it is exactly the same distance to her house as it is from where I am now. My youngest use to live right across the street from me has moved to the big city, Toronto.  I was raised in the west end of Toronto but I don’t even recognize the place now. It has been 39 years since I left there. The only time I go there is when I take the train down to Brockville to visit my cousins. Even that cause a minor panic attacks as there are just too many people. If there are more than a dozen people in close proximity to me I get very uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong I like people I just like my space better. A couple of years ago I was in Union Station at the worst possible time, rush hour, and it felt like I was caught in a Buffalo stampede. Thankfully I found a corner I could get in and let the flow pass by. I know, I’m weird.

If everything goes as planned I will more than likely be sleeping in my new place come Wednesday night.  That is going to feel strange but then I will get used to it.  I kind of feel sorry for my new buddy Sam. He was one of my youngest cats but she was only allowed to have one in her new condo so I took him. He has just gotten used to being here and now he is going to be uprooted. For the first 3 days I had him he hid now he is all over me every time I come in. He even sleeps at the bottom of my bed which is just fine with me . The last cat I had `Meat Head`, died a few years ago after being with me for 17 years. Hope Sam out lives me as it was hard when I lost my old best buddy I even cried a bit as you get really attached to them.

So here I am, 71 years young and starting a new stage in my life which I must admit I am facing with a certain amount of uncertainty . For me this is a big thing as I am pretty set in my ways being by myself for 20 years or so. Everyone I know thinks this is a good idea and that I deserve to enjoy my retirement, albeit belated, as they seem to think I have earned it. We`ll see, sometimes the grass isn`t greener and sometimes it is.



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