Methinks it is safe to say that as of the 24th of this month, July; I am final relocated to my new digs in Burlington. It only took 24 days to move a total of 7.4 kilometres from my old apartment in Oakville. That works out to .30833 kilometres per day. I think a snail can move faster than that. I have an excuse. Just gotta think of it. Oh! Yeah, I’m old. Nope that isn’t it. Let’s just say it was a convergence of many things that conspired to cause the languid progress. In plain terms my procrastinating? I hate moving which means a change and I am not the greatest lover of change. For 28 years I lived in the same building, one block north of the lake and one block east of Bronte Creek (12 Mile Creek) and until the day I left was the longest residing tenant. I was also the superintendent for 18 years which meant that I didn’t pay rent and now I do. Something else that I have to adjust too. All these changes including quitting smoking coming at once, it’s a good thing I don’t drink or else I would be in a constant state of inebriation.

My place is slowly becoming a home as I am still unpacking and trying to set things up. Still have to finish putting the drawers to my new dresser to-gether and find room for a lot of odds and ends. No real big rush as I’m here for the duration. Next move is the biggie. I am I have learned 1 of 15 men in this building of 109 units. That’s 94 women or 6 to 1. So far out of the dozen or so women I have met 8 are Scots which is a pleasant surprise. A whole bunch of “Haggis Bashers” under one roof, Methinks my residency here is going to prove to be quite interesting. Another thing I have noticed since moving here is that the men I have met all need walkers to get around makes me feel like a teenager. Let’s face it here I am 71 riding an electric scooter like it was a Harley and having a blast, Second childhood comes to mind. Hey like they say “you only go round once” so make your mark and have fun.

I must admit though this retirement thing takes a bit of getting used to. Just 2 weeks ago I was working and now I have to figure out what I am going to do with all this time. Some have suggested that I do some traveling, no way done enough traveling in my life time and two can’t afford it. Never was one for hobbies but I guess I could look into it and apply my love of working with my hands to some type of endeavour. Might start building model ships again as I built quite a few in my younger day.  Time will tell what I get into and I do have a lot of time on my hands. What is it they say “Idle hands are the Devils; workshop” or some such crap.



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