My Opinion


There is an article in to-days’ Huffington Post written by a certain Diane Francis who happens to be an editor or something with the Nation Post. Ms. Francis is also a Yankee who has Canadian Citizenship. The problem is she has written a book advocating the merging of Canada and the U.S. into one nation. Well Ms. Francis as you probably know that was tried once before and you Yanks got your butt kicked, it was a little disagreement called the “War of 1812”. Surely by now you must realize that we are not Yankees nor do we wish to become Yankees. In point of fact this is one Canadian who wishes the U.S. would just disappear off the face of the Planet. 


I served in the U.S. Army for six and a half years, fought in Viet Nam, and when I married a Canadian girl had to become a U.S. citizen in order to get her into the states faster. I can truthfully say this that when my enlistment was up I was never so glad to get out of a country in my life and as soon as was possible I renounced my Yankee citizenship and got my Canadian back. I despise and detest that Republic to the south of us. It is the modern day version of the Roman Empire and hopefully, like it will die from internal corruption.  CAVEAT NOVA ROMA.


The U.S. is a sick country inhabited by a great many knuckle dragging Troglodytes who believe in only two things, Guns and God. Most of them wouldn’t recognize a rational thought if it bit them in the arse. Why by any standard of logic would Canada join a country with a Republican System run by a bunch of spoiled little schoolyard bullies, who when they can’t get their way shut the government down. Why would we want to be dragged into a cess pool with the likes of Lapierre, Cruz, Beck, and Bachman and let us not forget that great religious organization, Westborough Baptist Church? Canada has enough problems of our own making and we sure as hell don’t need more from them.


Twice in our History we have had the opportunity to join the Americans, first in their Revolutionary War and second in 1812, both times we rejected them and remained true to our beliefs. OK, I admit I am a Monarchist, but it is not just a sovereign I believe in it is the Constitutional Parliamentary System. It is not perfect but then what system is, but it sure, in my opinion, beats Republicanism. You will more than likely come away from reading this that I am anti-American and I am. I am anti-American in the sense that I abhor their political system and the mentality of a great many on its’ people. The saying that “I don’t hate them, many are my good friends.” Well I don’t hate them then again none of them are good friends. They are to me the obnoxious neighbour that you wish would move away.


The Fates pulled a hell of a trick on Canada having us share the same Continent.









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