I have a cat who goes by the name “Sam” and I must admit he is a character also at times a pain in the fanny.  Sam is the second cat I have owned and originally he was my youngest daughters’ but when she moved she had to give him up. “Good ole Dad” to the rescue and I took him.  My first cat was also my youngest daughters but that only lasted a few weeks for as he soon figured out who fed him he became mine. My daughter named him “Jag” and he was a black part Persian and my buddy. I later renamed him “Meat Head” as it seemed to suit him better. I had him 17 years and I bawled like a baby when he died. I loved that old guy. Old Meat Head at the end was partially blind, deaf and really sick. I think he might have had cancer. He was neutered and declawed and sometimes I swear he was Gay. He was so affectionate but when he was pissed off he had the nasty habit of jumping up on my lap turning his back, lifting his tail and farting in my face. Boy did they stink. Thankfully he only did it when he was really pissed especially if I wouldn’t cuddle him when he wanted it. It was almost as if he was saying “How dare you ignore me” but like I said I loved the old bugger. Let’s face it when it comes to cats you don’t own them they own you.


Now I have “SAM” or to put it correctly he has me and I think he is pretty great (most of the time). He is ten years old, neutered and declawed, and actually a very handsome feline. I can’t really describe what colour he is as it is quite a mixture of white, black, grey, and I think brown plus some orange. He has a real Leonine face and there are times he looks exactly like his big cousins running around on the Serengeti looking for lunch. Good thing he is only maybe a twentieth the size of Simba. Sam is very affectionate and loves company. For some reason he cannot jump up so I have to pick him up all the time. It is most irksome at 2:00 a.m. when I am awakened by a paw in my face and his coughing to be picked up on the bed. Oh yeah! Sam doesn’t meow he coughs like a Cheetah. Once he is up on the bed he settles into a routine of head butting and sticking his nose in my mouth before he finally finds the most comfortable position and settles in for a sleep. After all it is his bed and he just lets me use it. Sam loves sitting out on the balcony or going for a walk down the hallway stopping at every apartment door and sniffing or rubbing his face on the jamb to mark his territory. Some of the women in the building who have seen him think he is gorgeous and big. I usually reply “Yeah a lot of meat there. Should cook up real good in an emergency”. You can imagine their response to that.


I have only had him four months and basically took him so he wouldn’t have to go to prison at the Humane Society. All in all I’m happy I took him as in just this short time he has become my buddy and companion. One thing I have to do is try and find a course in Cat language as he is constantly talking to me and it is just so much gibberish. Of course I guess when I talk to him he must feel the same way as I get these weird looks like “what the hell are you yammering about”.


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