AND SHE WEEPS                                                              

                                                The Piper plays a lament

                                                Eight bear the weight

                                                Of the Coffin draped

                                                In the Red and White

                                                At the slow march they step

                                                For the Hero who’s fallen

                                                The Journey begins

                                                The True North is calling,


                                                 Always accompanied

                                                By a Brother in Arms

                                                Never alone on the

                                                Last journey Home,

                                               Soon the roar, then the leap

                                                To the Heavens,

                                                Homing west to the setting sun

                                                Chasing the afterglow into the night.

                                                Straight on til the morrow

                                                When Eros brings her light

                                                For Canada awaits

                                                Her Hero, Her Child,

                                                And She weeps.




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