This here be Sam. As you can see he is a Tabby Cat but don’t tell him that. You see Sam thinks he’s a Lion, you know Simba, King of the Serengeti. Something else you should know about Sam, he is a character and I think a little whacko but I Love him.


I am writing about Sam because my oldest Daughter just lost her cat Muffins that she had for 10 years. She got muffin from the Humane Society when it was about 11 years old and she loved and cared for her for all that time. Muffins was 21 years old when she left. I had a cat that I named Meat Head and he was with me 17 years and I loved that old bugger a lot and on the day he died I cried like a baby because I had lost my best buddy. That was about 7 years ago and I swore I would never have another pet and guess what, 3 months ago I got Sam. Sam was one of my youngest daughters’ cats but when she moved she could only have one at her new place so I took Sam. It was either that or life in the animal big house (Humane Society). So now I am custodian of a 12 pound 10 year old fur ball who thinks he owns me and the apartment. 


Let me tell you now about some of Sam’s’ quirks. Sam doesn’t meow he barks like a Cheetah, he purrs like a chain saw and snores like a Harley on idle and he will sit and give what for about some perceived slight or wrong doing on my part. Usually it is when I return from going out. When I open the door there he is sitting and ackacking as if to say where the hell have you been? How dare you go out and not take me? He likes going for walks in the hallway and if we go to the far north end of the building he flops on the carpet and I have to carry him home. Poor bugger thinks he’s exhausted. Not really he just bloody lazy and can’t be bothered walking back. I can’t go into the washroom and close the door or he sits and raises holy hell until the door is opened. Every morning I put down fresh food and water for him and does he drink the water in the, he has to drink out of his private reservoir, the toilet bowl. The Gods help me if it isn’t clean as I hear about it. I keep threatening to put him in the oven and roast him up for supper and one of these days so help me———–.



If you follow my son-in-laws’ blog you will see that he wrote 2 very good stories about Muffins and I am not in any way trying to compete with him. Never in a hundred years could I be as good as he is. I’m just writing this to let people that we are a cat loving Family. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs just as much but when one becomes an apartment dweller it is unfair to have a dog confined so. Forty years ago when we lived in Orangeville I had my collie Rob and my wife had, at one time 5 cats. Both my girls have always had pets around them from birth. Yep we are a cat loving bunch alright. Which reminds me I have seem his Nibs around so I had better go find out what mischief he is up too. Last time I couldn’t find him he had somehow managed to get in the closet and without realizing it I closed the door on hi. No problem when I finally found him he was curled up on my boots at the back of the closet.  I got a live one with him.



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