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One Hundred and sixty-one years ago The Crimea was the site of a war with Russia, considered the aggressor, and an alliance between The Ottoman Empire, Great Britain, France, and Sardinia. Russia lost and it could be that we are on the verge of another War in The Crimea.


On another Historical Vein to me there seems very little difference between what Russia is doing in the Ukraine and what Germany did in 1938 to Czechoslovakia in regards to the Germany population in the area known as the Sudetenland. Germanys’ argument was that it was protecting the rights of the majority German population. The takeover of the Sudetenland was merely the prelude to the eventual conquest of Czechoslovakia and eventually in 1939 the invasion of Poland and the Second World War.  Is this the precursor to World War Three?


To this individual Putin is reminiscent of the swaggering schoolyard bully terrorizing those who are weaker. Mayhap, he has aspirations of becoming the new Tsar of Russia. The House of Putin. Let’s face it, calling Russia a Democracy is just being polite so as not to hurt their feelings. It is, an extremely large Crime Syndicate hiding behind a very thin veil. Capone and Lansky if they were still alive would be green with envy.


Here in the western Democracies we of course are furious with Russian and (Tsar) Putin and are threatening sanctions and other punitive measure which are being ignored. Russia has an active military strength of over 700,000, a Nuclear Arsenal and a reserve of over 2,000,000, plus a population of close to 144,000,000 so basically they are laughing at the west. It is Historical fact that Democracies hate war and will do everything in their power to avoid a Major Conflict. Ergo the Munich Syndrome, or as it is better known APPEASEMENT.  Democracies, it seems have a tendency to sweep past history under the rug, which we all know is not in their best interest. Is the world now on the precipice of another Ethiopian Crisis which confronted the old League of Nations in 1935? With the leagues failure to stop Italy and Mussolini it set the stage for World War Two to begin 4 years later. Let us hope that Cameron, Merkle and
Obama do not go down in History as the 21st Century’s Chamberlain.


Having been born in the middle of the 2nd World War, lived through the Korean War, and fought in Viet Nam in the late sixties I’ve had enough wars for my lifetime. If Crimea escalates into World War 3 then North America along with Europe could very well be devastated and for the first time America and Canada will experience war in their own territory. The time to avoid this is now by standing up to Russia’s Putin and force him to back down. The problem to-day is that if Russia and America go to war it could very well end up Nuclear as it is a certainty that if either sides feels it is losing they could resort to using the Nuclear Weapons and we all know what that would mean. Armageddon.


The U.N. in many aspects is almost as powerless as the old League of Nations when it comes to stopping aggression. They like the League need its’ member nations to step forward and force aggressors to back off. Therein though lies the “rub”. Do the Western Powers in the guise of NATO put troops on the ground in the Ukraine? This of course would be considered a threat by Russia. Should the Ukraine cede Crimea to the Russians? Maybe or maybe not. For like a drug addict one taste isn’t enough and the possibility lies in that like Czechoslovakia the Ukraine will be swallowed up by Russia as it was under the Soviet Regime.





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