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                                     DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?

                             {From the song entitles “Do you Believe in Magic by The Lovin’Spoonfull}


Someone who is close to me writes a fantastic Blog. His latest is “Don’t Explain Away the Magic”   and as usual it is up to par. After reading it I got to thinking that even though I’m an “Old Guy” I still believe in magic maybe because deep down inside buried under all the science, life experience, and cynicism I’m still a kid. Albeit a big kid. The thing is that I am in my own way having fun so I don’t really want to grow up and face the world and all its’ woes. I look at it like this, I’m 71, and thank the Universe I’m still pretty alert. This of course will not last. In a few years the mind will slow down even more my legs will finally give out and I will have to face the fact that I won’t be riding my E-Scooter and the old pump will no longer beat as strong if at all without the help of a pace maker. Until that day I am ‘going to enjoy my life.


It is the opinion of this writer that we see magic all around us.  We call most of it science but in some respects it is one and the same thing. There is an energy force all around, it is Creation itself. That energy manifest its’ power in the lives of every living thing on this planet and in the rest of the Universe. It is also present in the wind and water, the stars and galaxies, and in the very ground we stand and tread on every moment of our lives. Even though we know the science behind the creation of a baby human there is still a sense of something magical in the creation of a life.


I remember back when I was a young boy how I believed the Magic of Santa Klaus and the Tooth Fairy. Now a days it seems to me that a lot of this has gone because of the commercialism and the facts that a lot of modern day parents don’t want their to believe in what they call lies and nonsense.  To me it is the right of every child to believe in magic because soon enough they will grow up and enter the world of an adult where there is little or no room for magic.




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