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This will more than likely upset those in the Russian Federation who will or have red my postings in the past.


How easily History is forgotten. From 1853 till 1856 Russia was at war with a coalition of British, Ottoman, French, and Sardinia. Russia started this war with the Ottoman Empire on the flimsy grounds that it wished to protect those of the Orthodox Faith. What it really was, was an attempted land grab on the part of Tsarist Russia. Now it seems to this writer that President Vladimir Putin is acting like Tsar Nicholas the First.  There is also another comparison much closer to modern times. In fact it was just 76 years ago on 10 October 1938 that Germany under Adolf Hitler annexed the Sudetenland. This was the prelude to the Invasion of Czechoslovakia a few month later. Methinks this Crimea Incident smacks of History repeating itself. As George Santayana said “Those who cannot learn from History are doomed to repeat it”. No truer words were spoken for it seems that time and time again we end up going down the same path and each time more destructive that the time before.


Is the Crimea worth going to war over again? I am not well enough versed to answer this question. There are those who are advocating just that but it is ironic how those in favour of starting wars are usually old politicians. As the saying goes “Old Men Start Wars and Young Men and Women Fight and Die in them”.  So is this the Worlds’ Sword of Damocles hanging by a thread awaiting the right decision. Is it worth the lives of so many young people on both sides? Are the Gods of War so thirsty for more Human Blood? There are the warmongers amongst us who would gleefully thrust the dagger and start the feast. You will also find that a great many of these advocates of conflict have never had to face the cannons’ roar or pulled the trigger to snuff out another’s life. I read a saying a few years ago that the “Glory of War resides only in the minds of old veterans” having fought in a war I can honestly say that, that saying is 100% true. War is boredom, fear, blood and dirt and there is no glory only death, maiming, in body and soul.

So we sit here at home and watch Vladimir Putin strut and swagger as he walks around the gilded halls of the Kremlin or proves how macho he is by going hunting or riding with no shirt on. He doesn’t seem “to realize what an idiot he looks like. Maybe one of these days if he lives long enough he will grow up.


As to the possibility of war over the Crimea, I don’t think so but if Putin like Hitler before him moves to re-annex the Ukraine yes I think it will result in war. Will this be the beginning of the 3rd World War? Only the Fates can answer that at this time. I for one pray not.



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