This is about my 10th attempt at writing about the retirement apartment building I now live in. I moved in here in July of 2013 and have tried and failed to come up with a piece I could post. So here goes again.

Let us first start by saying at this time 1 April 2014 all 109 + residents are feeling the effects of extreme “Cabin Fever” from being cooped up so long by this rotten winter. Tempers are becoming edgy and in the past week have flared into some rather loud and verbally vicious arguments betwixt some of the members of the fairer sex. Boy is that ever a misnomer, “fairer sex” my butt. When two female decide to go at it my advice to all males in the vicinity is to get outta dodge fast. Anyway I am leaping ahead here a bit so let’s back up till July of 2013.

As I wrote back on 25th of July 2013 I finally got moved into my new digs and it has now been 8 months, 8 very interesting months. When I first came to 4100 in June 2013 to check it out I commented to me oldest daughter as we left “There all old here”. Well guess what I ‘m supposedly also old. Don’t feel old I’m only 71. Anyway age is a state of mind I am just a young kid at heart and I fully intend to stay that way and not grow old and crotchety. I remember those mean old people from when I was a youngster back in the 40s’ and 50s’ and I have no intention of becoming one.

Back on subject, 4100 is of course the number of the building and for the time being I shan’t ‘name the street. It is a nice, well maintained building holding 109 apartments on 3 floors with a nice large yard in which there are garden plots for those who have a green thumb. I don’t, everything I try to grow usually dies.

The past few days have been rather pleasant and it looks like spring has gained a toe hold (praise the gods). Perhaps with the onset of some moderate weather tempers will start to abate around here and the more congenial type of conversations will re-emerge. There are one or two individuals living here who seem to have made it their prime function in life to press ones buttons. One of the se individuals has now been granted the Nom de plume, GOD. As he seems to think he knows everything about everything when in fact if one were to take his smart phone from him he would know nothing. We also have the misfortune of having quite a few bible thumpers amoungst us. Now I’m all for live and let live but I definitely do not ‘need nor require a constant reminder that “God id in his Heaven and watching all of us”. If this be the case he must be either bored out of his skull or a reporter for the “National Enquirer”.

There are also a few of the ladies that like to rant against the Landlord, Halton Housing, or the cable company “Cogeco”, the phone company Bell, and of course everyone’s’ favourite scapegoat the Government at any level. In the opinion of these individuals these people or institutions are all complete idiots. Maybe they are but ranting about it isn’t going to change things except your blood pressure which will only rise causing some to have heart attacks or strokes. So why get yourself all in a tizzy over things you have no control over. Since Xmas a few of the tenants have been moved out either into long term care or the biggie the Funeral Parlour. We have 3 feisty old broads, one at 94 and two at 93 and I hope that I am as spry and alert at that age as they are. One of them is Chinese and such a grand lady to talk to with her memories of China from the 20s to the 50s when she finally came to America then on to Canada. She lost most of her family to the Japanese when they invaded China in the 30s.m Needless to say she has no love of the Japanese.

Well I think I will close this first installment on that note and start gathering more info for the continuation of 4100.






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