4100 Pt, 2.


Here we go with the second installment of 4100. We have a very large and nicely decorated Lobby and it is the gathering grounds for the gossips and back biters. Mercifully, though, not all who assemble there are prone to the habit of gossip some of us just gather to talk and have fun. There has been more than one occasion when the ladies have had me blushing as red as or not redder than a fire truck. It is all in good fun and I get my own back on them from time to time.


There is a group of us whom I call “The Revolutionary Council” meeting to plot the overthrow of Halton Housing and declare “A Commune”. Lots of luck with that. One or two of the women get really worked up over how (in their opinion) Halton Housing is screwing over us by enforcing the rules. Well ladies you have to have rule or else there is anarchy with every one doing as he or she pleases. Halton Housing is a Community organization that provide low rental housing to those who cannot afford to pay market prices. 4100 is merely one of at least a dozen such sites that provide “Geared to Income” housing. OK it is run by a bureaucracy and we all know what a pain (in various anatomical regions) they can be. A couple of weeks ago there was a meeting held with the property manager and at one point he held up the rule book. I sort of chuckled because having been in the Army where you would need a semi to haul all the regulation books around this looked pitifully small. What a lot of residents don’t understand is that these rules do not pertain to your private life merely as to what can and cannot be done in the building or your apartment. I doubt that ‘Halton Housing is interested if you run around your apartment in the buff just so long as the blinds are drawn and you don’t run out in the hallway. They would be concerned though if you were engage in illegal or criminal activities. That’s a NO, NO. There are a few tenants who should not really be here as they have serious mental as well as physical problems. The Housing folk say that as long as the rent is paid and they are not a threat to themselves or others they is nothing they can do.


Not everything here is a downer. We have get to-gethers and I learned to play a new card game which I rather enjoy, Skip-Bo. Every Friday at 1:00 pm there is “Food for Life” where we can get food for free. Mostly it consists of Fruit, Veggies, and Bread, but sometimes there is frozen chicken, lamb, or beef. I usually just get a loaf of bread as I am not a big lover of broccoli or Brussels sprouts. We all gather in the lobby and pick numbers out of a bowls to see who goes first, and so forth. For a short while I thought we were going to have a Friday Night at the Movies but lasted only 2 Fridays and abruptly fell by the wayside. Well enough for now stay tuned for part 3.



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