4100 Pt.3


It is 11:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I have just been down to the lobby and it is as quiet as a Funeral Parlour. It is also quite chilly outside as the wind is still out of the North a gusty. Typical morning of late at 4100. I think that winter has been around for so long that it has triggered the hibernation syndrome in everyone. I for one did not awaken until 9:41 a.m. this morning. I couldn’t believe that I slept so late. Normally I am up at 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. Like I said methinks we are turning bearlike and starting to lean to-wards hibernation. Might be a good idea for us old folk, sleeping through the winter and wake up when spring has established itself.

To-day has been a really quiet day here, it is now 3:20 in the afternoon and “The Revolutionary Council” has not gather to my knowledge. So there will be no plots hatched this day and no-one will have to guard their back for the foreseeable future. We have had a minor kerfuffle here last week with the rotation of superintendents. One tenant accusing two other tenants of getting the previous super fired. He wasn’t fired he was transferred to another building not 5 min. walk from here. Another tenant whom it is rumoured (mind you rumoured) is having an affair with the previous super and she broke into tears when she was told he was being transferred. O begin with it is all rumour and even if no it is nobody’s business. There are those in this building that go around looking for some incident that they can turn into a juicy story. I have been here 8 months and already I have been said to be romantically involved with three of the women. Don’t I wish? Hell, I think I’d have trouble handling one let alone three.


All in all I guess when you boil it all down it is not such a bad place and there are some interesting stories based in fact that can be told. My favourite lady lived through the Japanese occupation of Chine in the 30s and 40s. Also the rise of Mao and the communists. She was fortunate and managed to get into Hong Kong just before the war ended so she became a British subject when the colony reverted to Britain with the end of the war. I have been trying to convince her to get someone to write her story for history but so far she has said no. I am afraid that it will be lost as she is 93 years old and doesn’t really have that much time left amongst us. Personally I told her she is not to crossover before me and that I intend to be here for at least another 20 years. After I wrote this I took a break and went down to the Lobby and was there when she came home from a visit with her daughter. I asked again about her story and she said yes and we start next week. She has a lot to tell living in China through its most turbulent modern years. So hopefully the next time I sit down to write I will have some real History to tell.



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