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The symbol posted above is a War Club which I believe is from the Fijian Islands. From this point on whenever you see that symbol you will know that I am bashing somebody or thing. I usually keep my bashing to general subject like Politics, Religion, the U.S.A., or some other equally ridiculous thing. I guess it is safe to say that my favourite subject is the U.S.A. because it incorporates all the topics I love to bash. Let’s face it when it comes to religion, politics and just plain idiocy you can’t beat the yanks. Especially bible thumping Christian republicans. That sentence pretty well covers the whole gambit. What other nation has such a plethora of bible preaching, creationist born again whatever with in its’ borders. I swear that I don’t think a Yankee politician (of any stripe) can get through a speech without invoking the name god at least once but more than likely once in every sentence of whatever it is they are gabbing about. Before I go any further my countries politics, politician, religious nut bars, and anyone else will also be opened to bashing. From my Point of View nothing is sacred. “I AM AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY BASHER.”


Unfortunately living in close proximity and sharing a border with Yankee land has had it effect on some groups and individuals on our side. Being so closely adjacent to the great republic its’ poison has managed to seep into our way of life when it comes to certain aspects of our society. Namely religion and politics. Canada has always had political parties. Liberals, Conservative, and the 30s saw the rise of the Socialist. The Conservative ‘use to be known as The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada but just over 10 years ago it became the Canadian Conservative Party with the amalgamation of the Reform (Alliance) and Conservative Parties in an attempt to defeat the Liberals. The old Progressive Conservative Party was relegated to the same fate as the Dinosaurs. I was never a follower of the P.C.s’ having been a Liberal all my life, but I could stomach them but now what calls itself the Conservative Party is more closely akin to the Republican Party in the states. There are a few with the ranks of the Conservatives who are for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from Republicans. Their names shan’t be mentioned here but when they come to light many Canadians will know of whom I speak. It is not just politicians at the Federal level that will hear my wrath but those at any level or political leaning. Let’s face it anyone who can write will have a field day with the mayor of Toronto and his Bro. Fortunately so far not many politicians have come out with any form of religious rant or diatribe. I think this has a lot to do with the insertion of religion into our politics is pure poison and a death knell for the individual who would attempt it. That doesn’t mean we do not have religious nut bars here, we do.


So in the not too distant future I will be hefting my War Club and preparatory glee at the thought of bashing someone, thing, or idea. I have a notion that “Skippy” might be my next target.


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