Tis 10:30 of a morning, any morning as it seems of late they all run together making one big blur. That’s the problem my life feels like one gigantic blur speeding by. There are times lately when I feel like I’m sitting in a high speed train looking out the window as the world passes by as nothing more than a continuous flash of telephone poles. Sometimes I swear I go to bed on a Monday night and I wake up Thursday morning. Like where in the hell did Tuesday and Wednesday go? It is not that my life is overly busy or that I have so much to do that I forget what day it is. No it’s must have something to do with growing older. Aye therein lies the rub. That insidious disease known as ageing. Alas it come to us all and some that I know that have resigned to take it gracefully. I am not one of those. I detest, dislike, and hate it.


It is Friday afternoon and the only reason I know that it is Friday is because it is Food Bank Day. The weather has been rather pleasant lately but it shan’t last as they are predicting cold temps and snow for this coming Tuesday 15 April. All right already enough is enough. I am really developing an intense dislike for that white crap that falls from the sky. If winters keep up like this one all those dumb ass stories that the Yankee believe about us living in igloos and skiing all year long just might end up being true.

Well it’s Saturday morning and I have been up for about 2 hours now and I still feel like I’ve been run over by a bulldozer then it backed up to make sure it did the job correctly. All this is in con-junction with the simple facts stated above. Getting old really, really sucks. It is amazing how the body can ache in places that were once deemed impossible to ache. It seems to me that when I go to sleep the Gremlins come out in force burrowing their way deep into the muscles causing new aches and pains upon awakening.

Just a few minutes ago I returned from an excursion to the lobby where I sat for about 45 minutes listening to the latest round of chatter and of course gossip. Usually when I take these excursions I leave my hearing aids at home so that 90% of the conversation goes unheard which is fine with me as I really don’t want to listen to who is doing or saying this or that and how that new blouse doesn’t suit so and so because of the colour of her eyes. Like who really gives a damn. It was just another 45 minutes blur that occurred to be added to all the others that have come and gone. My life is becoming just a “Gigantic Blur” flashing by at faster than light speed dragging me along with it to an unknown destination.




It is now 9:53 a.m on Sunday morning. Don’t ask what happened to Saturday afternoon or evening. All I really remember was watching the news which is just the same old same old rehashed and homogenized. The world is going to hell in a hand basket just at different speeds at different times of the year. Like a said before another winter or two like this one just past (ain’t ended yet) and all those fallacies about Canada and the Canadians will end up true. You know tje way I’ve been feeling lately I really don’t give a damn. I think I really have a very severe case of Cabin Fever (self-diagnosis). The spring and summer are never going to arrive and this is the slow death of the world as it slips into eternal cold because it has broken free of its’ orbit and is flying off into space. YAHOOOOOO.
















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