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Are you ready for this, my first bashing under my War club symbol? The subject of this first in I hope many bashings is none other than “CREATIONISM”. This had got to be the stupidest idea that anyone has come up with.

The first line of Genesis in the Bible states “In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.” Granted there was a beginning but being a firm believer in evolution something tells me that a God had absolutely nothing to do with it. Having tried in my youth to read the Bible I soon gave up on it as even then it smacked to me of being a fairy tale, a mythology. It could possibly be a great book (I am not a literary critic) but it is not the definitive word on the creation of this our world or of us the Human Species. As I have written previously I much prefer having evolved than being made from a handful of dirt that some old guy spat on and moulded. Very unsanitary.

Some 12 to 15 billion years ago there was a Big Bang (as it is called) and the Universe as we know it came into being. Admittedly it does seem weird that from nothing something exploded into being. I have trouble wrapping my brain around that but then what if there was something and that something was another larger Universe that gave birth to ours. What if time and space are infinite having no beginning and no end? They just are. To me this sounds infinitely more plausible than some bored lonely God creating us for his own amusement and desire to be loved.

Back in February of this year, Bill Nye (The Science Guy) agreed to debate Ken Ham (Creationist) which personally I think should not have taken place as it gives credence to the creationist point of view. Well then I’m not Bill Nye and it was a personal choice for him. On the other hand Ken Ham is merely another religious crackpot zealot looking for some time in the lime light. To me the Bible is merely a book of mythology with Historical references to people and times. There are those who say the Bible is fact because it is the word of God and there are others who say that the Bible should not be taken literally but metaphorically. If I were a literary critic I would put the Bible in the same category as Mother Goose. Or better yet the Brothers Grimm. Another note on the bible is that it should be kept out of reach of children as it is full of sex and violence. If the folks in the bible ain’t begetting they are annihilating.

The very idea that this planet is only 6000 years old and along with the Universe was created in 6 twenty-four hour days is so absurd that it borders on the criminal. Yet there are millions who believe just that. Here we are in the early years of the 21st century and in some areas our progress seems mired down in the 14th century when the world was considered flat and if one sailed to far from land you would fall off the edge and Dragons prowled this nether region. There are still those to-day who believe the world is flat, the space program is all a hoax, and the star are rips in the fabric that makes up the night.

Creationism is very strong in the South and South Central U.S. the region referred to as the Bible belt. If one looks on a map of this region it looks a lot like the old Confederacy and is the centre of American Evangelical Christianity. It is also the area where the so called Rednecks hale from and most of these are semi-literate rural inhabitants. The Bible, guns, and trucks are all that matters to most of them. Oh yeah they also like their moonshine. This is the land of the Billy Bobs, Bubbas, and Ellie Mays, where if you finished grade 5 you are well educated. I realize that what I am writing is somewhat bigoted but I am trying to show the type of individuals that believe in this Creationist crap. Admittedly there are also some highly educated who also believe but thankfully they are few and far between.


I try desperately in my life to live and let live and let people believe what they will but when it comes to Creationism I just can’t bite my tongue I have to let loose. Believe in your God and your religion but please don’t take it to the absurd and don’t try to shove it down my throat.














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