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I think it is time to do a bit of bashing on the Canadian Government. The first thing we have to get clear is that Parliament is not the government. The Government consists of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. The Government is held responsible and accountable to Parliament. Under our system we vote for the party representative of our choice in each riding. The Party that has the majority of seats in Parliament is invited by the Governor General to form a Government. The leader of the party with the majority of seats becomes the head of the Government, Prime Minister, providing he holds a seat in Parliament. The Prime Minister then selects from among his fellow members his Cabinet Ministers. It’s call the Westminster Parliamentary System because it is based on the original Parliament in the United Kingdom.


Okay enough of Government 101 let us proceed with the BASHING. The current government is Conservative which in and of itself is worthy of bashing but this government has a special place all set out in the “Sacred Hall of the Bashed”. The problem I am having right now is where and whom I should start on. Might as well be at the top. Prime Minister the Right Honourable Steven Joseph Harper representing Calgary Southwest. In other words he is from Alberta (Texas North) which alone in my books is three strikes. Can’t stand the smell of cow patties. Steven, henceforth known as “Stevie” started of his political life in high school as a member of the Young Liberals. He soon changed his affiliation to the Progressive Conservative because he disagreed with the Liberals’ National Energy Policy. He soon became dissolutioned with the P.C. Party and ended up working with and for the Reform Party of Canada under Preston Manning. (Right now the only thing that is saving Manning from a bashing is he no longer holds political office. His turn will come one of these days. ) The very fact that Stevie walks amongst us is proof that mutations do happen in evolution. Twenty-five hundred years ago Stevie would have been left on a mountain to die of exposure or feed the wolves. Just goes to show you how much we have developed since then as we are far more tolerant. The man is a control freak right down to the Fact that even his hair is afraid to move when the wind blows.


This Conservative Government under Stevie’s leadership is probably the closest we have come to having republicans in the country. As Prime Minister he acts more like a President and he has surrounded himself with a group of Ministers that are enough the scare the bejeezus out of anyone. The top of this list is Pierre Poilivere (or Skippy to his friends and enemies) Skippy is in charge of making sure our democracy works the way the Conservatives want it to work. It doesn’t matter that the system is working just fine it has to be tampered with. Somehow or other Skippy and his cronies have got it into their collective heads that there is massive voter fraud occurring in Canadian Elections. They just can’t seem to understand that there is absolutely no evidence to support their claim. Hey! Idiots. There’s an old adage (If it ain’t Broke. Don’t Fix It.) I think one of the more despicable things the Cons are doing is messing with our Veterans. They had the gall to ask why they should be responsible to WW II and Korean Veterans as they weren’t even born when these conflicts happened. This is a new kind of low even for politicians. These men and women fought and suffered so you can have your freedom and you in government have the gall to ask why we should support them. Shame on you.


Harper and his gang just can’t seem to understand that they are responsible to Parliament as it is the highest authority in the land. No Stevie and company plough ahead like they can ignore the basic tenets of our system. We are a Constitutional Monarchy and let’s hope that come the next Federal Election Stevie and The Gang are gone. Canadians tend to be somewhat complacent when it comes to politics and how the country is run. Their ambivalence can be most frustrating and in some cases hurtful to how we are perceived in the world. I for one am not asking for the average citizen to become an expert on government and politics, just show some interest come election time. Know who or what you are voting for. After all we have a bunch of cowboys in power now and they are knee deep in it.





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