4100 PT. 4


Installment number 4 is all about the, as I call them, The Revolutionary Council. These are the fair ladies who spend a great deal of their time complaining about management and certain staff members. No names will be used just initials such as B or V and in the case of more than one name starting with the same initial it will be B2 or V2. Before I continue I must state that it is not only the Housing corp. that is subject of their wrath it is also the cable provider, Cogeco and Bell Telephone.

There are certain individuals that are for want of a better term the “Ring Leaders” of these verbal assaults against the establishment. In fact one lady, I swear, spends her entire day slicing into someone or thing. She comes across as a person who is angry at life, or at least her life. Okay, maybe she has had some rough spots but then who hasn’t? I learned a long time ago that you can’t go through life being angry at everyone and everything. Makes you a disliked person whom nobody wants to be around. There are days in the lobby when the gossip is so thick it is hard to figure out who or what is being sliced and diced. The strange thing is that some of those who are doing the cutting are actually fairly decent when it is one on one. The problem even then is to be careful what you say as it is libel to come back around and bite you.

B., is the women who seems to be mad at life itself. She is firmly convinced that life has dealt her a rotten hand and nothing has ever gone right for her. To some degree it is understandable as she had a bad marriage (according to her) ending in divorce and then she had a double mastectomy and the man she was living with and she thought loved her left saying that she was only half a woman after the operation. Personally she was better off without an asshole like him.

M. is a tenant and the Tenant Rep. who is supposed to attend monthly meetings with the Housing Staff and relay any complaints or concerns. I hate to say it but she isn’t very good at her duties.

M2 works as a volunteer for the Food Bank which is held every Friday for those in need of supplementing their groceries and though basically a nice lady can tend to be overbearing.

S. is in charge of the Food Bank and has made it into her own little kingdom and is very much in love with herself.

C. is not liked by anyone as she has the nasty habit of thinking she can do whatever she likes and the other tenants be damned. She is a very selfish, self-centred, and arrogant. She is like a vulture when anyone dies she is right there to see if they are giving anything away,

D. is a severely obese man who thinks he knows everything. He is arrogant obnoxious, and uh-hygienic.

D2 has been here about 25 years and is a really nice chap who does volunteer work at the Humane Society.

A.Is my favourite all time lady and at 91 is as spry and alert as someone 1/3 her age. She is Chinese and is trying to teach me Mandarin.

B2. Is from my old neighbourhood in Etobicoke and is a lot of fun and laughs.

B3. Is also a nice lady who taught ne a new card game “Skip Bo”.

W. is also a volunteer at the Food Bank and has just had a “Pace Maker” implanted.

C2. Is also from Holland and is full of life.


All of the residents have to be 65 years old and be on pension to qualify for low income housing. We all say the same thing and ‘that is if we had the money would not be living here. There are times that even I thinks the Government wishes we all died at 65 so they wouldn’t have to help support us. There are from what I see some who should not be in here as they seem to have families that are fairly well off. Others should be in Nursing Homes where there is someone to watch over them. Two Tenants G, and J, should be psychiatric facilities as they have some mental problems, namely Paranoia. All in all it is not really too bad here but I am going to ask for a transfer to Oakville because everyone I know or have to see (Doctor, Dentist, Bank, or Cardiologist) is there. Well that’s it for 4100 pt. 4. Part 5 will be along shortly.




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