I see Sarah Palin in back in the news with her comments on if she were in power Water Boarding would be how she would baptize Muslims. Well someone aught to board her. If this woman had a brain she would be dangerous. The fact that she is so dumb is more than likely saving the world from her ever being in power (see the Gods can be merciful). Of course because of the media every time she opens her mouth it is reported around the globe so basically they are responsible for this woman’s’ notoriety, good old Fox News. Maybe if the media ignored her she would go away.

Should Sarah be crowned the new Wicked Witch of the North, or the Water Witch, mother of Grendel? Either name is apropos just from the latest comment. Methinks Sarah spent too much time sucking on icicles as a kid and it has frozen the part of her brain where intelligence resides. To those who know what is going on in the world she is a joke and not a very good one. The high point of her life was and is the Republican nomination for Vice-President. Soon after she was introduced it became apparent that someone had made a dreadful mistake. Here was an attractive women who it was thought would steal the lime light from Hilary Clinton. To late did the Republicans realize that Sarah was one dumb lady?

After the political fiasco Sarah had a reality TV show staged in her home state of Alaska. That lasted one season. Guess not too many folk were keen on watching a gun-totin’ hip wader wearing, female version of Clyde Beatty tromping through the wilds of Alaska. Then there was the portrayal of the hard working common woman from a simple background hauling the salmon nets into what passes as an Alaskan Dory. What they didn’t show was the two days after hauling nets she spent in the beauty salon getting a manicure amongst other remakes. These TV people must think the rest of us are blockheads.


Sean Connery starred in a movie entitled “The Man Who Would be King” is that the next exploit of Sarah’s “She who would be Queen (of Alaska)”? How is it that a person as prominent as her can be so obtuse and oblivious to the world around her? She once said that she could see Russia from her house, well look Wasilla up on the map and if you can see Russia from there then you have one hell of a set of eyes. The point I am trying to make is that as long as the media gives her attention the more the ding bat will be around. If she is ignored she will go away but then that is asking the American media to much. Hell she is the darling of Fox News.



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