4100 PT5

As stated in the last part this is 4100 part 5. It will be a bit more controlled than part 4 as I let myself get somewhat catty,( which I apologize for), when talking about my fellow residents (inmates).

Everyone whom I know at 4100 have the same thing to say and that is “if I had the money I wouldn’t be here”. Like any bureaucratic run institution there are certain draw backs and at times drive one to distraction with the stonewalling that seems to be the specialty of management. Most annoying. Now that SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG, it is I have been informed coming up to the time when the garden plots are allocated and this has already generated a few comments which I will defer till a later time, probably in part 6. Suffice it to say that most comments have been directed about a certain rather obnoxious individual whom I recently had a rather acrimonious run in with but the telling of that can also wait. I think it is safe to say that it is quite easy to feel that governments tend to warehouse seniors and I do believe wish we would just go away (like in drop dead). Halton Community Housing Corporation is a bureaucracy and like the Military has more rules and regulations than anyone person could read or understand in a lifetime. The problem with having all these rules and regulations is that they are open to interpretation and if a million people read the same regulation you would get a million interpretations. I know this to be an indisputable fact as I was once a Sergeant in the Army and if there is one thing a Sergeant knows is how many and how cryptic regulations can be. As this is Thursday I took a small break to go to the Common Room for the Thursday Afternoon Social, there I played cards with three very charming women., one of whom I believe is named after the Roman Goddess of the Hunt. Another of these charming ladies’ name has origin also in a very famous Roman name. So after over just an hour of playing cards and chatting I am ‘back to sitting here attempting to write things down before I get bored and move on to some new type adventure. Ah! Adventure; which at my age can mean making it to the lavatory before I wet my pants. Also it is an adventure of epic proportions to get on my E-Scooter and go to the nearest plaza for a Cheeseburger and fries. Which by the way I did to-day. I started out at around 11:00am with the sun attempting to break through the clouds. After going approximately 30-40 metres up Longmoor a rain cloud settled above me and commenced to empty its contents. This cloud followed me the 1.2 kilometres to the plaza where it lingered until I did my shopping them follow me home. If you think me ‘joking it did just that and when I got to within 30-40 metres of the building it stopped raining. Believe me I am not going nuts this happened this morning. I am beginning to wonder what I did to upset the Hyades and punish me with my own rain cloud. Whatever I did or you think I did believe me I am truly sorry so please keep the rain clouds general not specific. It’s Ok if it rains on everyone I just don’t like being singled out.

Anyway I digress somewhat from my original dialogue which is 4100. All in all I suppose it is not really a bad place. Things could be a lot worse and we could be incarcerated in a work house circa 1840s. You know such as in Oliver. “Please Sir may I have some more?” Those days are long, long gone and society is a trifle more compassionate than in the dark days of the “Industrial Revolution” and Dickens. 4100 is somewhere around 40 plus years old and as such has like its’ senior residents aches and pains with things not working as they once did. As in a great many buildings of this age plumbing (just like us old buggers) is a big problem. Few realize but a building can suffer from incontinence just like a person can. You know springing leaks at the most inconvenient and embarrassing times. Lately our building seems to having a slew of these occurrences. OOPS! Another interruption, a neighbour wanting some help to open a container. Nice women but a Bible Thumper which is not really my cup of tea. I tend to feel a bit Dracula like in the presence of fundamentalist type Christians.
Before I close I wish to make a correction for something said in 4100 pt4. I stated that one person tended to be a bit overbearing. This is misleading as she is really a very nice intelligent lady and the only time I find I ‘have slight annoyance with her is when the subject of Religion crops up. I am a “TO THE CORE A PANTHEIST” and do not believe in the Christian God. So here we are at the end of part 5 and I am wondering if to continue with parts 6, 7, 8, 9, &10. Seems to me to be a hellova lot of writing. We’ll see maybe I’ll dig the energy and wherewithal to go on. This does not mean that I will discontinue to write, bash, and comment on future events.


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