4100 Pt.6

I am sitting here trying to decide what 4100 part 6 is going to be about and I have hit upon the following.
The Human Species never ceases to astound me and one should never judge an individual by first impressions. There is a rather charming woman whom I had thought to be somewhat stand offish but after spending an hour or so talking with her I am pleased to admit that I was so, so, wrong. As per my practice of not mentioning names and of no longer using initials I do hope that a few who read this will recognize of whom I write.
To be honest I can’t remember when I first saw this person but I made the mistake of judging before knowing. I initially thought her to be somewhat snobbish and a tad stand offish. It is not often that I do that and I am kicking myself for not getting to know her earlier on. She is also a blogger and a very intelligent person. Someday I along with millions of others will finally learn that a book cannot be judged by its cover. It was a lesson I thought I had learned but like most, being a creature of habit I revert to the old style. It was, (at least to me) a joy to find how incredibly wrong I was. She is not only charming but extremely articulate and knowledgeable. In short a pleasure to talk to.
This woman has a Blog and after reading it found that although in some instances I did not nor do not agree it was a pleasure to read. A section of her Blog is a collage for the month and it is full of useful and informative insights. During the course of our conversation she mentioned that she had read my Blog and found that not only do I have a unique style of writing that I am also cynically humorous ( on that there is a divergence of opinions) with in her words a large vocabulary. WOW! Here I am just plodding along pounding on the keyboard and lo and behold I get such nice comments. I admit that I find it hard to accept compliments as I never really know how to react to them. Usually I just blush, mumble something and take off. To regurgitate on the cynically humorous I do not believe I am cynical all the time, I can be, but I do not think it is a critical aspect of my personality. The last time I was at a shrink I was certified sane but that was 40 years ago and I guess a lot can happen in the ensuing years. I do know this about myself I am not afraid to poke fun at myself. If you can’t laugh at yourself you might as well flush yourself good-by, so long, see yah.
There is absolute truth in the fact that life is too short. I’m 71 and with exceptional good luck I may have another 20 years but if I were a bookie I wouldn’t give odds. Whatever time Clotho has deemed fit for me I will gratefully accept but that I do hope she loses her scissors. For those who haven’t a clue as to whom I am referring, Clotho is the youngest of the Morai and she weaves the threads of life. There another useless bit of information for someone to digest. In actuality I am full of such tidbits of both the useful and useless information, I believe it comes from a lifelong love and study of History. Some would say I am just showing off and that I know everything, believe me I don’t. Oh that I did know everything, I would be the most revered and sought after individual on the Planet. Rich Too.
Well somehow I managed to make pt. 6 about me which was not my intent. It was supposed to be about jumping to judgement and letting first impressions get in the way of really getting to know someone. When you really step back and look at it first impressions are really a dumb way to categorize a person. One should always attempt to open the cover and read what is in side. Then and only then can you really get to know and understand someone. Of course there is always the chance that the first impression was the correct one but thankfully that is few and far between.
Well closing now and I haven’t a clue as to what pt.7, if there is one, will be about.


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