I think I will make this all about bitchin’ and whining, and complaining about anything I can think of.
First off is the word correct program on my computer. Why in the hell if the manufacturer knows it is going to be sold in Canada the spell correct is for American English not Canadian English. Just because the Yankees make a hash of the language doesn’t mean that Canadians have to copy them. It is not just the computers that spell American I have a member of my family who does so and it drives me nuts. The individual concerned uses the excuse that because that person writes for the American version of Huffington Post the spelling has to be theirs. O.K but when that individual writes here in and for Canadians, SPELL OUR WAY.
And now for everybody’s’ favourite topic to bitch about the WEATHER…….
It is now close to the middle of May and the grippin’ about the long cold snowy winter is over it is time to start gearing up for summers, gripe session. The one small gripe about spring is the raining nearly every day but the good part is it isn’t that white sh-t that falls out of the sky. With summer just around the bend it is time to start to unpack all the nasty whining things that can be said when the hot humid air hits and we are all gasping for air that doesn’t feel like we are breathing underwater. The only good thing I can say is thank the gods or air conditioning. Typical of the human animal the winters’ are too long and cold the summers’ are to short and hot. Yep if it’s dry we want rain if it’s raining we want it to stop. It is either to hot or too cold to windy or no breeze at all. It seem when it comes to the weather we are never satisfied.

The next big subject to bitch about is the price of food. It just keeps going up and up. It is almost getting to the point that you need to own your own gold mine to buy meat. When I go to the grocery store and see the price of meat I understand why some seniors have been reported eating dog or cat food. These stores have what is called a lost leader in order to get you to buy a certain product. What they don’t tell you is that in order to cover the cost of that item that is being sold at a discount they jack the price of other items up to cover any loss. So in the long ruin there is no bargain.

Then there is the bitchin’ and complainin’ about government. My favourite target is Stevie boy and his conservatives. He has spent a lot of his life in Alberta where walking in all those cow patties has affected his brain. Especially his speech centre because every time he opens his mouth B.S. comes out. The only bitch I have about taxes is that governments, any government, waste a hell ova lot of our money. Hey a little skimming is to be expected but not the millions that seem to disappear. Specifically into the senates’ deep pockets. Should get rid of the damn place.

Finally the biggest bitch old farts have. GETTING OLD. To put it in the mildest most common term, getting old sucks. Big Time. I really don’t want to put in writing what I think about growing older by the minute let alone by the day. @#$*&^%?|}, which you may translate into any foul degenerate, derogatory terms you have in your vocabulary including the “F” word. They say getting old brings wisdom and that may be true but I would gladly trade any and all wisdom I have accumulated for a body that will do what I tell it to do and not scream and yell “Hey stupid are you trying to effen well kill us.” Also it would really be nice to wake up in the morning without some new ache or pain in a part of my body I didn’t even know could ache.

Yep. Bitchin’ and complainin’ is the right of every human and we are good at it. Hell most people I know can’t get through the day without some pet peeve to bitch about. I think it should be specifically written into the “Charter” that we have the moral and legal obligation to BITCH.


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