Maori war club

Bashing can be so much fun but only if it does not hurt someone. I must admit that I do take pleasure in bashing the hell out of certain Bureaucracies, Religions, and of course Politics and Politicians, Politicians are so easy to ridicule because the vast majority of them are block heads and idiots. Idiotic politicians are not restricted to one party and one party alone because they all have spawned some renowned moronic brain damaged individuals. They say that politics and religion should: ONE:- Never be argued and TWO:- never discussed to-gether. Personally, I find Politics and Religion the perfect bed partners in that both contain some of the same basic elements such as lying and chicanery. Mayhap the worst for mixing these two are to be found in the Southern Republican Politicians of the United States. It is not only the southern Republicans who are well versed in this propensity as there are a few Northern Republican who have made quite a name for themselves in elucidating on the religious side of politics. To cut to the chase let me call upon the words of that great American Philosopher, Archibald (Archie) Bunker when he coins the term: DINGBAT”.
Now I could start to list the names of these individuals but I don’t have the patience or time so I will just generalize all under the heading “Registered Republicans”. The amount of bashing ammunition these so called Homo sapiens provide is almost unlimited. I say this because it is not only those who hold political office but the cretins who follow and or finance those who walk the halls of political power.
I am well known amongst my friends for my absolute and utter distain for religion so when the subject arises so do my hackles and I want to start the rending process. The same is true about stupid ignorant politicians. Now we do have some of these idiotic politicians in Canada but it seems to me that the world leader in that realm is of course the U.S. of A. I am not really in the mood this day to bash them and as of this moment I cannot either think of an individual or a policy that is of note to be bashed. My last post was a mild bashing of a certain bureaucracy, which by the way is in line for more strident bashings but only if it is warranted. I do not bash for the sake of bashing nor will I bash an individual with the exception of those who are in the public lime light (i.e. Sarah Palin Tis truly a joy bashing the likes of these uber-conservative demagogues whose hypocrisy knows no bounds. Their proclivity for lies and defamation are protected under the U.S. Constitution which in and of itself is a joke. It is bad enough that they spew such verbiage but they are also beyond any reasonable doubt slightly above the moronic in intelligence. They centre their venomous spiel on anything that smacks (in their opinion) of Socialism or Liberalism. From the ones that I have heard or read they wouldn’t know a good idea if it walked up and punched them in the snout. Their ranting belongs more to the Witch Hunting era of the 17th century than the 21st. Part of the problem with these so called talk show hosts is ONE, they are very well paid and TWO, they cater to the lowest denomination of the populace the knuckle dragging, flat earth troglodytes. No insult is intended towards or Troglodytic Ancestors for without them we wouldn’t be here. I am of a mind, now, to bash these cretins of the airways but it will have to wait until another time. Until such time I will keep gathering ammunition to bash some establishment……


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