BASHING\, Grousing


Maori war club

Been attempting to write something for over a week now and I am continually coming up blank or the subject I am writing ab out really sucks. I guess I could attempt to write something about the upcoming Provincial election but there is really nothing I can sink my teeth into. You know something to bash.
For some reason I just can’t seem to get excited about Howarth, Hudak, or Wynne. Howarth is the NDP leader and I am not a complete Socialist so she and her party are out. Hudak is the Conservative leader and it will be a Frosty Friday in Hell before I ever voted for the Cons. What is left is Wynne the Liberal leader and seeing as I am a lifelong Liberal I will be voting for the Liberal Candidate in my riding. Hell I don’t even know the candidates name all I do is vote the name with the Liberal logo beside it. Like I said I just can’t get worked up about this election. I guess the older I get the more cynical I become but to me at this stage in my life 98% of all politician (worldwide) are really worth the powder to blow them away. That won’t stop me from voting as I will do my duty and exercise my privilege for my attitude is “better the devil I know than the one I don’t”.

This election was brought about because ‘the NDP (Socialist) wouldn’t support what they labeled a corrupt Liberal Minority Government. Hell all governments are corrupt to some degree. A politician has to have a touch of larceny somewhere in his veins in order to succeed at the job. You know; you scratch my back etc. To go off track for a mo. It seems that come Election Day the voting polls will be in our buildings’ common room so all us old folk can vote. Now back to whatever the hell I was writing about. When you’re my age you get easily side tracked so I had to go back and reread what I wrote to get my brain in gear again. Hold on a minute more I have to reread what I just reread. O.K. I think everything is copasetic now and we can continue with my meanderings about politics and politicians. I mean don’t you just hate it when your brain decides to take a slight sojourn for a few minutes. Hey anybody home in there we are talking about politics ‘here. Maybe that is the problem, politics ‘’is so mundane that the brain has trouble focusing in on it. That is unless there is a scandal but then again scandals involving politicians are becoming passé. Hell they all end up in one eventually usually accused of misspending taxpayers’ money or boinking someone they shouldn’t be boinking. Of course the biggest example I can think of right now is the Mayor of Toronto who sure likes to drink and smoke a pipe or two (I don’t mean tobacco) These scandals are getting so common that people are starting to ignore them and vote for the idiots involved anyway.
Last night 3 June was the big debate on TV. I didn’t watch it because to be honest debates bore the hell out of me. From what I read this morning I made a good choice as the papers are saying that it wasn’t a very good debate and no one really came out on top. As I didn’t watch I will not put my two cents in. So come a week Thursday the 12th those of us who wish to will be given the opportunity ti vote and I am lucky enough to live in the building where the polling station will be located so I won’t have an excuse short of death for not exercising my right. I will (like the good little Liberal that I am) vote the same as I always do. On the morning of the 13th I will awake to find out who now runs the Provence. Personally I think that whoever wins will have a minority, but then what do I know. Maybe the people should just declare me KING and that will put an end to all this political nonsense.


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