Maori war club

“Tis Longmoor Part Seven and it is going to be a somewhat mild bashing. In fact I don’t know if it will really be a bashing. Oh! Hell of course it will.
There is a certain woman of Dutch extraction who believes that she is the de facto ruler of this establishment. In reality she is a bully. (DE BULLY in Dutch). She is of the opinion that she is head gardener and in charge of all flower planting around the building. The other day I helped some of the other ladies cut back the dead parts on the rose bushes and pull some weeds. Well De Bully showed up and you know what hit the fan as she got her nickers in a knot over the fact that someone else was doing gardening in her domain. This morning it was noticed that she has now cut the rose bushes to a point that I doubt they will recover. Also just this morning she is claiming someone stole her keys and broke into her apartment, which she has not reported to the police. The fact that the police were not called makes me wonder if indeed this did happen. She is also going around telling other tenants that I have been ordered to get out of the building by the Housing Corp. No such order has been issued let alone received.

This individual and I have had a few altercations the last of which she physically assaulted me. To-day I went for a ride on my E-Bike and noticed that the left saddle bag was dragging. When I stopped to check it I found that it has a rather large rock in it. The rock was heavy enough that it has torn the strap that holds the bag to the bike. Now I cannot prove she did it but she has been after the spot where I park my bike and will not accept the fact that the landlord gave it to me. Most of the other tenants who know her are saying she is not all there. Might well be she is a “couple of bricks shy a full load”.
I have in the past joking referred to 4100 as the 21st century version of “Peyton Place” well I am becoming more and more convinced of this as the days go by. By and By though the people living here are a good bunch with only one or two who are fringe candidates for the funny farm including yours truly at times. I was contemplating applying to move back to Oakville but I think I will just stay here after all it really isn’t that bad and it is kinda growin’ on me.


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