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Longmoor pt. 8

To-day 19 June 2014 I was awakened at 9”30 in the a.m. and upon opening the door was greeted by two members of Halton Housing management. They wished to discuss the happenings of the other night when another tenant called the police because of being harassed by another tenant. I was talked to because even though I did not call the police I was involved because I was accused by this individual of the same thing as the other tenant. Having been a property manager before I moved here I know that there are certain procedures that must be followed and I have absolutely no problem with this. So as the saying goes “Let the Games Begin”.
On a more upbeat note a few of the tenants have found my web site “THUS SPAKE CAMAC” and have read some of my postings and found them to be quite entertaining. The phrase coined by one reader a few weeks ago “Cynically Humourous” arose again though not in those same words. One lady even went so far as to call me a Fake seemingly because she thinks I am far smarter than what I show I am. This I must say is from when I was a preteen then into my teens as I was supposedly the smartess kid on the street so naturally in order to fit in I downplayed it somewhat also I was accused of being brain lazy. The role I adopted for myself has been with me off and on for years depending on the company I am in. Even my son in-law has commented on this self-deprecating game I play. I know, I know but hell I sometimes like playing the clown after all one cannot go through life serious all the time. Takes the fun out of it.

One of the ladies admitted to me that she had a dream about me last night. Seemingly it was a good dream but if word were to get out then as the lyrics go People will think we’re in love.” Can’t have that as it would definitely put a dent in my reputation. You know the one where “I was born miserable and I intend to die miserable”.
It is now Friday June 20 and I am sitting here more asleep than awake. Could be because I haven’t had my morning coffee yet. It is amazing what a cup of hot Joe will do for the human brain. Best damn kick-starter ever. Just writing about it made me get up and start the coffee maker. Soon now that first jolt of caffeine will hit my gray matter and start the electrons flowing which in turn will get me up and moving. Wow! Just kicked in. Now I am somewhat ready for the rest of the day. This is free food day and I will join the ranks of those waiting for their number to be called out so we can go and choose whatever is available this week. Sometimes it isn’t worth the line up as the offerings are rather poor. Which is no fault of the ladies who run the program here. It is what they are supplied with from the grocers who participate in the program. I do not like bananas and I have seen bananas that have been sent here that a monkey would turn down also sometimes there are things there that I don’t even know what they are. Then there is Broccoli (horrible green stuff) which I can only say this about. If I was told that my diet from now on would consist of Bananas and Broccoli then I would starved to death rather rapidly. Well coffee is finished and it is time to set out and see what this day has in store for me. Talk at you later.


One thought on “LONGMOOR PT. 8

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    Well, Dave…LIfe is Full of Surprises…ain’t it the Truth? Certainly trust the authorities get their stories straight…or perhaps still “twisted’. Good Luck!

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