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Is there a special school that Americans send Republicans to in order to run for office or for that fact just be in the public limelight?

It is the authors’ submission that individuals who become frontmen or women for the Republican Party are all educated in and the graduates of the University of Profound Inanity. It is as if their brains have been programmed that when their mouths are opened they spout utter nonsense. The list of these people contains the names of Palin, Cheney & Dau., McCain, Coulter, Limbaugh, Bachman, Beck, O’Reilly, Jindal, Perry, Brewer, Cruz, and Robertson. I haven’t enough time left to me in life to complete the list of Simulacrums as it goes on ad infinitum. It is as though the U.S.A. has cornered the market on loudmouthed no nothing Christian Evangelical idiots. I swear there must be a farm or a factory where these people are either grown or come off an assembly line. Methinks it is south of the Mason-Dixon line.
This problem to a lesser extent is also here in the Great White North. Fortunately the ones that get elected up here are smart enough to keep their idiotic conservative, religious nonsense private most of the time. To start spouting it in public would be and is political suicide as this type of hyperbole does not sit well with our citizens but then this is not about us up North. No this concerns our southern cousins. I swear by all the Gods old and new that the United States has a monopoly on these bible thumping conservative evangelical south ends of north bound heifers. Guess what? The south end of a heifer is the smart end because that is where it expels its’ crap. Some of these troglodytes because of the brain programming have severe verbal diarrhoea. This manifests itself in the continuous regurgitation of the same old ridiculous raison d’etre of their existence. For some inexplicable reason they have it on for what is called Obama Care. Now I do not know how this medical plan works as it is not a one payer system such as we have. It does however provide medical insurance for a great many Americans who were not insured. Explain to me how this is a bad thing. Before the advent of this system and to some extent still if you had a catastrophic medical problem you or your family could end up bankrupted by the bills. That to me is disgusting. The problem these Republicans have is if is a social program it has to be communist. They have never learned the difference between the two. The Great White North could be classed as a Social Democracy but not quite to the extent of Scandinavia or other European countries. We have our social safety net mixed in with capitalism and we like it. Actually it seems to work pretty good most of the time.

Away up here we have our brand of Republicans they are called Conservatives (not to be mistaken for Progressive Conservatives), actually they are the new bastard child of Reform but fortunately the really weird ones come from only one province out of ten, Alberta (Texas North) and most of them are knee deep in cow patties. In the south between here and the Mexican border they are an entirely different breed hopefully on the same path as the Dodo bird. The problem with that though is short of genocide it is going to take a long time. They unfortunately will not go quietly into the night but go out guns blazing and thumping on their bibles.



  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    Your outstanding line that I most appreciated was “I swear there must be a farm or factory where these people are either grown or come off an assembly line!”
    Again, Dave, your opinions are certainly D. Campbell McArthur-style…and as stated previously are “cynically humourous”….yet true to the core! Keep writing!

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